Blw for 18months toddler

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Blw for 18months toddler

Postby Claverlis » 27 Nov 2015, 15:15

Hi moms! Need a little help here. My 18mo has been a pretty good eater since she first started weaning, until recently when she refused to open her mouth when i'm feeding her. And even if she does she'd just keep the food in her mouth and not chew it. She'd still eat fruits and snacks though. Recently i noticed that whenever i offer any food to her she'd ask to hold the food herself so i'm thinking of doing blw.
But blw is not very popular here (i'm in indonesia) so this website is like an early christmas gift to me :D
My question is is it too late to do blw with 18months toddler? Anyone has an experience with this? and can you give suggestion on the kind of food i should start with for older babies? Thank you so muchhhh
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Re: Blw for 18months toddler

Postby ches » 27 Nov 2015, 16:54

Hello and welcome! I think you'll find your toddler is moving squarely into the "I do it myself" phase. Most of us here had children using their own forks and spoons eating the same meals we ate by 18 months. Certainly she has all the motor skills she needs to eat herself, so I would just give her the same as what you're eating and cutlery and let her make her own mind up about what she wants to or does not want to eat.
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