Is it a food allergy?

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Is it a food allergy?

Postby AngieGarnavos » 21 Nov 2015, 22:47

Hi all, I'm getting a bit concerned that my lg has a food allergy. She is 7.5 months old and is doing amazingly with her blw. She really enjoys her food and has anything I give her. She has a varied and healthy diet and I prepare all meals from scratch. A few weeks ago she started getting really constipated so I gave her more fruit and water and things were better. Yesterday she passed a slightly slimier poo. Today she has been 3 times, it has been like liquid and had slime and a bit of blood in too. I am going to check with the gp on Monday but wondering if anyone has experienced this? A few little spots have started appearing round her mouth and on her bottom too. She is teething ATM also! I really hope it's not a food allergy, she really loves her food!
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Re: Is it a food allergy?

Postby qbm » 22 Nov 2015, 18:40

Poor wee spud!

Sounds like it could be an allergy or an intolerance... My daughters were both dairy intolerant and those symptoms are similar to what they experienced. Of course it could just be her gut getting used to food. Definitely get it checked out for peace of mind.
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Re: Is it a food allergy?

Postby Kitcameron » 22 Nov 2015, 18:56

It could just be teething too though. I have no experiences of allergies but my girls get slimmer poo when they're swallowing lots of saliva due to teething or colds etc. Could the spots be from dribble or don't they look like that. Definitely get her checked out if you're worried though.
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Re: Is it a food allergy?

Postby Lily » 22 Nov 2015, 21:15

WTAS, but also just to add that my 7mo is also struggling with digestive discomfort at the moment. She also eats loads, a really good variety, but I think at this age her digestion just isn't quite fully developed. My eldest at this age hardly ate anything, and by the time his eating picked up, he was digesting properly; my baby's poo is already pretty solid but it's still just undigested bits of food, which I think must explain some of the tummy ache. None of which rules out your LO's possible allergy, but just to say that it might just clear up as she grows.
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Re: Is it a food allergy?

Postby Riotproof » 29 Nov 2015, 09:56

Are you sure it's blood?

Can you talk to your GP? It might be best to get a sample, but I'm not sure how you would.
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