Need help from members in Germany

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Need help from members in Germany

Postby Nguyen2015 » 18 Nov 2015, 13:44

Hi mums, I come from Asia, I've recently moved to Germany and I've a boy of 6 months old. I've just started giving him spoon feeding for a week but it seems I've totally failed, he cry and vomit all that I gave him. I red and found out BLW, I'm reading BLW cookbook but I have difficulty in finding ingredients. Honestly the name of ingredients even in English itsn't familiar with me, in German is much more difficult. Please help! E.g: I'm looking for quick cooking oats and all purpose flour? what is the exact equivalent in German and where can I find it? Thanks a lot.
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Re: Need help from members in Germany

Postby emzit » 18 Nov 2015, 18:58

Quick cooking oats are just rolled oats chopped up a bit, possibly called porridge oats? and all purpose flour just plain flour. :)
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Re: Need help from members in Germany

Postby haniyah » 20 Nov 2015, 21:31

In terms of flour you would be looking at Mehl type 405 or 550 and porridge oats are Haferflocken. Hope it helps
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Re: Need help from members in Germany

Postby Nguyen2015 » 24 Nov 2015, 09:52

Dear emzit and haniyah, thank you for your reply, it's really helpful. My baby got his first teeth and doesn't want to eat any thing only drink little milk. I will cook for him when he feels better.
Anyway, I still need more experience from member in Germany, where do you buy the ingredients to cook for your baby? In any supermarket or where else? Thank you.
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Re: Need help from members in Germany

Postby Marrow » 24 Nov 2015, 12:19

The BLW cook book is great, but mainly because it uses (for me) mostly familiar ingredients that are easily available. It sounds like that might not be the case for you!

Do you want to get your head round German food shopping for your own sake, or is it just to feed the baby? If it's just for the baby, I'd take a different approach. What do you eat? If it's not too salty, you can probably just give him some of that.

And I suspect you are right to back off while he's teething. Let him have something when he's going to enjoy it.
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Re: Need help from members in Germany

Postby catkin » 24 Nov 2015, 13:09

I'm not in germany now but used to live there if you have any specific questions. But I don't think it makes much difference where in the world really. The idea is to feed them normal healthy food like the adults in the household are eating. If you eat a lot of processed high salt things you might need to modify that a bit, for example stop adding salt when you're cooking, or use less processed food and cook at home more.

Supermarkets should be fine. I used to use Aldi and Lidl quite a lot as they were near my flat. Less choice, but the fresh stuff was fresh and often local.

Oh and one key rule of BLW - the more effort you go to to cook something specially for baby, the less they're likely to eat it. What's on mum and dad's plates is far more interesting :wink:
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