BLW at Grandma's house...

Oh my God, look! Your baby is eating broccoli!
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BLW at Grandma's house...

Postby MrsKChicago » 10 Nov 2015, 20:40

My 8 month old is going to Grandma's for a few hours Sunday, and I'm going to send along some food for him so she can eat her dinner in peace and so she doesn't take it upon herself to choose what to give him. She's not entirely on board with BLW but seems ok with more traditional baby finger food like rusks. I normally just feed him whatever's not too salty or hard on my plate, but I don't want him to trash her kitchen or give her any temptation to put food in his mouth for him. I'm going to send some little baby puffs but I'm hoping for some other ideas. Maybe peas, but they're a pain to clean up. He does really well with sliced zucchini, but I don't know if my mom can handle that... Any suggestions for grandma-proof foods?
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Re: BLW at Grandma's house...

Postby MamaKh » 12 Nov 2015, 09:41

Broccoli, potatoes and carrot wedges, cauliflower...
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Re: BLW at Grandma's house...

Postby emzit » 13 Nov 2015, 02:14

Does he need to eat? At that age I'd probably leave it unless I was around. That way he gets more efficient before having to eat with a nervy grandma.

I like doing roasted veg in chip shapes with the ends bitten off - easy to get the flesh out but not easy to squish and make a mess.
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Re: BLW at Grandma's house...

Postby Brigitte » 13 Nov 2015, 06:53

If you can skip the solid foods for that time period, I would.

Otherwise I like your idea of rusks or little baby puffs or whatever, things that fit a traditional weaning mindset and also BLW. Can he manage feeding himself yogurt, or would it be too tempting for grandma to do the airplane spoon thing? But grandma would probably feel relaxed about him eating yogurt at least.
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Re: BLW at Grandma's house...

Postby MrsKChicago » 13 Nov 2015, 22:03

Thanks everyone.

I'd be fine leaving him with just milk, but I don't want her getting ideas, you know? She'll end up feeding him 6 cupcakes or she'll find one of my nephew's pouches to spoon feed him or something. If it can go on a spoon, she'll spoon it into him, unfortunately. She still insists on spooning messy stuff into my 2 year old nephew! How about you just don't try to feed him messy food when you babysit, mom?

I'm not anti-spoon on occasion, so long as he isn't forced, but we've never spoon fed him at all, so I have no idea what he'd think of it. He'd probably grab the spoon and fling yogurt everywhere. He gets annoyed if we eat in front of him without sharing, too, and he'll be there over her dinner time.

I think he's old enough and proficient enough that she won't freak out about softer foods, but they also tend to be the messiest. Last time he had broccoli, it ended up in his ears. Cooked carrot sticks may not be too messy, though. She won't mind a little mess.

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Re: BLW at Grandma's house...

Postby ChristmasGift » 14 Nov 2015, 19:53

Grandmas find it hard I think because that's just not how things were done in their day plus I think the more sensitive among them may see us doing it a different way as a bit of a criticism of their methods. Of course if my daughter has children and decides to spoon feed, I'll be totally cool with that, won't try to interfere and will certainly never try to sneak a broccoli floret or a carrot baton onto the baby's plate :wink:
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Re: BLW at Grandma's house...

Postby yorkshirepudding » 14 Nov 2015, 21:04

Argh CG, you're giving me nightmares about the future, I'm going to have to keep banging on about blw so mine never have any doubt! I'm awaiting my mum's baby rice helpful 'suggestions' now E is 5 months :wink:
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Re: BLW at Grandma's house...

Postby Kitcameron » 15 Nov 2015, 07:41

My parents/in laws gave us all kinds of 'helpful' advice when SM was small but gave up when CM was born. Lol. They weren't pushy about anything though and although they had lots of comments (how is she ever going to learn to use cutlery? Are you STILL breastfeeding her?) they were happy to follow our way of doing things.
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Re: BLW at Grandma's house...

Postby MrsKChicago » 17 Nov 2015, 23:10

I ended up sending puffs and rusks. I was going to send zucchini but it didn't get cooked in time. She had some bananas and I told her she could let him feed himself a stick, and I told her she could share her tabbouli but he'd probably make a mess, or that she could stick to just milk. I told her she couldn't spoonfeed him and she made sure I knew she had baby spoons and offered to spoon him some oatmeal :P In the end, he had a rusk and "a little banana." I don't know how she got it into him, but he's still alive, so I'll consider it a win.
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