Question about nutrition - cow's milk

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Question about nutrition - cow's milk

Postby cappuccino » 06 Nov 2015, 11:17

From what I can gather, the current advice in the UK (and many other countries) is not to give babies under 12 months cow's milk as a drink, but otherwise diary products are fine, i.e. in cooking [source , ]. However, I wonder if cooking with cow's milk is really such a good idea. While the second source I quoted only advises against giving cow's milk as a drink, the risks associated with consuming cow's milk (intestinal bleeding? iron deficiency? ugh) make me wonder if feeding/cooking with diary products, at least on a regular basis, is such a wise idea (). I'm asking this especially because so many of the recipes in the official BLW Cookbook contain dairy products, and I find it hard to find suitable recipes without diary products. Should I worry? How much dairy products do your babies (<12 months) consume?
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Re: Question about nutrition - cow's milk

Postby junglewonderland » 06 Nov 2015, 12:09

About 80% of the world's population gets by just fine on no or little dairy, considering most of them are lactose intolerant after infancy! We lived without dairy for a few years, due to a dairy allergy. We were a lot healthier for it, because it meant we couldn't have many processed foods. There are heaps of things you can cook and either substitute the milk for another milk (soy, rice, oat etc) and use coconut cream for cream. Cheese was a pain to substitute so we just did without it eg lasagne with Bolognese sauce only, no white sauce.

I give junglebaby some dairy (same age as your Espresso!), just a bit of yoghurt and cheese. He might eat 1-2 tsp of yoghurt in a sitting, or say 10g of cheese. So very little! Just mainly boob at this stage.
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Re: Question about nutrition - cow's milk

Postby Brigitte » 08 Nov 2015, 05:10

I have never worried one way or another with dairy, and my kids are cheese-a-holics :)

I think the thing about not giving children under 12 months of age cow's milk to drink is that you don't want it to be replacing a normal breastmilk or formula feed, as cow's milk has nowhere near the complete nutritional profile of breastmilk/formula. For BLW we do give some water with meals, as water isn't falsely filling the way milk might be. (Although you still want to make sure they don't fill up on water either.)

I agree though that dairy is not particularly essential to a healthy diet, so as long as you're getting all your nutrients one way or another I wouldn't worry about it too much.
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Re: Question about nutrition - cow's milk

Postby ches » 10 Nov 2015, 02:20

I remember reading a study that said that milk pre-9 months as a drink was correlated with intestinal bleeding and that bleeding led to anaemia. Bear in mind that most formulas are made from milk. It's really only in children with allergy, I think, that it's a problem. It's certainly a very low probability. I actually switched T to cow's milk at 10 mo because I got sick of pumping (he nursed weekends and when I was home) - but had to switch to Almond milk very quickly because he has an intolerance and got heinously constipated. I think in Canada the age for cow's milk as a drink is 9 mo and not 12 mo -- at least it was when mine were little. I'm not in Canada, but I don't think proximity makes much difference.
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