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Postby AngieGarnavos » 01 Nov 2015, 20:10

Any recommendations for first cutlery sets?
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Re: Cutlery

Postby Marrow » 01 Nov 2015, 20:44

We used a cake fork (84p from our local kitchen shop) and a teaspoon, then augmented with a cheap butter knife (because expensive ones have heavier handles).

That's probably not what you were after!
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Re: Cutlery

Postby Lily » 01 Nov 2015, 21:26

To begin with, ordinary teaspoons are the easiest. Special 'weaning spoons' are too shallow for self-feeding; when the baby inevitably turns the spoon upside down, the food will just slide off, and when they start trying to scoop things up for themselves it's really difficult to get anything onto the spoon. Also kids' spoons are often too big to fit comfortably into the baby's mouth, while teaspoons are a nice size for tinies.

When you want to introduce a fork, cocktail forks or dessert forks are good - they're narrow enough for little mouths, and sharp enough to make it easy to stab the food. Often, forks designed specifically for kids are quite blunt, which can make it hard to get things to stick on them.

So I guess my overall message is, don't bother with special cutlery sets! That said, we've got some nice little melamine cutlery from a brand called RICE which comes in pretty colours; the knives really only work on softish things but the forks are great, and the spoons work well as soup-spoons for slightly older kids.
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Re: Cutlery

Postby mamapup » 01 Nov 2015, 22:16

We have some smaller metal cutlery sets I got on eBay or amazon, not sure which. Cheap and good. Basically the same as the ikea small metal sets. But not necessary for a while.
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Re: Cutlery

Postby Marrow » 02 Nov 2015, 09:27

Oops I kroomed.
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Re: Cutlery

Postby UnhappyRightFoot » 02 Nov 2015, 11:17

I think we had the Tommee Tippee first cutlery. Then moved onto same brand larger ones. They worked well. I also like plastic spoons for yogurts. Don't know why, just do!
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Re: Cutlery

Postby busmother » 02 Nov 2015, 20:52

I bought some special baby spoons, just because they're a bit softer on the mouth and the ones we had last time had decayed and gone sticky and revolting. But these ones have really long handles so are hopeless. And we were away at the weekend and though I packed the spoons, I couldn't find them, so used a teaspoon with some trepidation, and it did seem to be absolutely fine. We must have moved over to teaspoons at some point, as I do remember ranting that you couldn't buy little forks on their own, it's either a fork and spoon set, or the full fork, knife and spoon, and for a long time you don't really need the knife.
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