How many meals a day?

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How many meals a day?

Postby AngieGarnavos » 31 Oct 2015, 08:16

Hi all, how many meals a day would you give a 7 month old?
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Re: How many meals a day?

Postby Kitcameron » 31 Oct 2015, 09:41

As many as they're awake for.

It doesn't really matter and depends on the individual child to some extent but we went with the theory if they were awake and we were eating they got a bit to eat too. If they were in bed, as was so often the case at lunch time, then they missed out at that age, or got something to try when they got up later and I had a snack with them. At 7 months it's still very early days so they're still getting all their nutrition from their milk so you don't need to worry about that. The more opportunities you give them to eat the more practise they get but that doesn't necessarily mean they'll pick it up any quicker anyway.

Sorry that sounds like a bit of a woolly answer, but it really is up to you. Do what fits in with you and your little one and don't worry if they skip meals.
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Re: How many meals a day?

Postby junglewonderland » 31 Oct 2015, 11:40

What KC said. As many as they are awake for. Just see it as social mealtime learning with a bit of food to play with!
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