Questions about greens, smoothies, etc

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Questions about greens, smoothies, etc

Postby Kjmakeuplady » 27 Oct 2015, 00:57

3 part question here! I have a 7 month old vegan baby girl who I've been doing BLW with and love it. She has two bottom teeth.

1. What age and how do you give your baby greens? Like kale, collard greens etc. Can I steam them and just give her a little pile? Seems like a weird texture for her to chew with only two teeth.

2. What age and how do you give your baby a smoothie? Maybe that's the best way to give her greens? In a baby cup with a flexi-straw? Or a bowl and spoon?

3. And lastly, how do you give your baby oatmeal and yogurt? Hand them a loaded spoon? Or give them a bowl of it with an empty spoon and let them figure it out?

Thank you so much!!
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Re: Questions about greens, smoothies, etc

Postby StJuniper » 27 Oct 2015, 01:10

Mine rejected leaves until age 2+. R will still say "Dont eat leabes," when confronted with a bit of salad. In smoothies or on pasta/in casseroles always worked ok for us. You can serve smoothie in any cup with a wide enough spout, whether that's a straw cup or sippy cup with wide holes, or a small open cup. I tended to avoid yogurt and oatmeal at first bc I couldn't face the mess, but loaded spoons are the slightly less messy way to go...
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Re: Questions about greens, smoothies, etc

Postby yorkshirepudding » 27 Oct 2015, 01:20

Look for 'porridge fingers' on this site or google it, a way of making very thick oatmeal ( porridge in the uk) that you can cut up so baby can pick it up. Looks gross but most seem to like it! They don't need teeth to chew, have you ever been gummed?! :D
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Re: Questions about greens, smoothies, etc

Postby Treeb » 27 Oct 2015, 03:22

Little ones don't have the same need to eat veggies as adults do. Breast milk actually has many of the nutrients that they would be getting from vegetables, and I assume formula has similar. However, being vegan probably means you are also trying to fill in nutritional needs that might usually be filled by animal products. And of course it's not a bad thing for them to eat some veg!

We found lettuce and other greens very gaggy early on, so like StJ it was mostly given mixed into things. Spinach or other greens could be incorporated into pasta sauce, smoothies, savory veg muffins, mixed into a spread like hummus, etc.

L loved smoothies when he was tiny. We served then in a straw cup. Besides spinach you can also incorporate some red bell pepper or frozen peas into it.

Oatmeal and yogurt we did on a loaded spoon until L was around a year old and started asking for the bowl. You could hand over the bowl sooner but be prepared for her to just dig in with her fists and make quite a mess! Greek yogurt stays on the spoon better and is much less drippy than regular yogurt.
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Re: Questions about greens, smoothies, etc

Postby busmother » 27 Oct 2015, 21:20

I'm just beginning this (again) and my experience so far with spoons is at this stage you need to load it for them and offer it so that the spoon bit is roughly in the right place. I've made the mistake of getting spoons with quite long handles, so he really struggles with them unless I hold them out exactly right, but even with a short spoon I think it would be a while before she can pick it up and get the right bit into her mouth. Last time round I used to make really thick porridge that they could just pick up with their fists, and I didn't really bother with yoghurt as it was just so much more faff holding the spoon for them, and a lot messier than most things.
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Re: Questions about greens, smoothies, etc

Postby EnigmaFish » 27 Oct 2015, 23:25

Porridge pancakes, or fingers, are the way to go! Normally, porridge is a ratio of two parts liquid to one part oats. For babies, use one part liquid to one part oats. We make ours in the microwave in a little plastic bowl. When it's cooked, peel it out of the bowl and let it cool. It's really quick, it looks disgusting, but the babies can feed themselves and they seem to love it! A good way to add some extra nutrients is to stir a teaspoon of tahini in before cooking.
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Re: Questions about greens, smoothies, etc

Postby smoncrieff » 01 Nov 2015, 16:29

I steam Swiss chard and kale for my fam quite often, and I just give my lo a good sized stalk with some green on one end (not too much for him to cram in his mouth all at once though). He LOVES the Swiss chard.
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