Almost 7 months old barely eating

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Almost 7 months old barely eating

Postby X7B » 26 Oct 2015, 21:11

Hi, new here and relatively new to blw.
My daughter, Xanthe, is almost 7 months old and we've been weaning for almost a month now. Almost everything she eats she chokes on (definitely not gagging- although she does that too). She eats maybe two tiny bites from each meal(?) maybe slightly more. She's on two meals a day and is breastfed.
I'm so worried she's not eating enough and that she's going to choke. What can I do?! Is it ok that she isn't eating huge amounts?
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Re: Almost 7 months old barely eating

Postby EnigmaFish » 26 Oct 2015, 22:53

Yes, it's okay that she isn't eating huge amounts. Babies that eat very little at this stage are far more common than babies who eat lots.
Breastmilk is her main source of nutrition, and will continue to be until she's at least one.

Can you describe for us what she's choking on? What types of foods, and what shapes, sizes you're offering or cooking methods you're using? Perhaps we can offer some advice on better ways to prepare the food.
Please consider doing a first aid course to learn the best way to help your baby when she's choking/gagging. It's worth its weight in gold.

Also, Welcome! and I love your daughter's name. :)
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Re: Almost 7 months old barely eating

Postby Kitcameron » 29 Oct 2015, 08:08

I second what EF said above, completely normal not to be eating very much at this stage. If your nerves can take it just keep giving her a little bit as often as she's awake at meal times. Don't try giving her too much as sometimes they get overwhelmed by quantity so eat nothing at all. Just giving her one piece of food at a time for her to try is fine. It's all about play and experiencing new things at this stage. She will learn how to manipulate food around her mouth and will become less chokey and gaggy. However, I understand your fears for her and it is stressful sitting on the edge of your seat just waiting for something to happen. Try and keep yourself as calm as possible, maybe just sit chatting to her and eating yourself whilst she eats to try and distract yourself from thoughts of what might happen. She could pick up in your sense of anxiousness whilst eating which in turn could make her anxious too so trying to at least give the illusion if calm even if you're not feeling it at all will help her relax and hopefully help her learn quicker. Definitely look at doing a first aid course for infants though.
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