How to deal with GRANDMA!!

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How to deal with GRANDMA!!

Postby asherlock » 11 Oct 2015, 01:55

So my Italian mother is all about the baby eating, and wanted him to eat food from about 2 months old. I never actually "told" her I'm doing BLW (she already thinks I'm a crazy hippie), but she has seen him eat on several occasions and remarked how he's going to choke, or I'm going to have to mop the floors, and she rushes in to clean his face, hands, high chair, floor every 2 minutes... Sigh. But tonight was actually a little upsetting. He was eating some very soft peppers (part of my sausage and peppers) and enjoyed them so much he put several in his mouth at once. Only "ate" a tiny bit but loved the taste. Before I knew it, I see my Mom with her hand on the back of his head and her other hand with a napkin over his mouth, saying "He's throwing up!!" My son coughed just once (and only bc the napkin was in his mouth), and there were unchewed, whole tiny pieces of pepper on the napkin and on his shirt. Not "throw up."

She could have CAUSED him to gag, and really he was just spitting out the food he was no longer interested in tasting.

How should I handle something like this? Should I try to explain BLW to her? Or simply say don't worry, he and I have this under control? Does anyone else's mother get super worried about the baby choking? What do you do?
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Re: How to deal with GRANDMA!!

Postby emzit » 11 Oct 2015, 02:21

So many of us have parents who don't understand and freak out!

Have you got the book? One way to deal with it is to get her to read it so she can understand the principles. It might help her get her head around what your bubba is capable of and what you're trying to achieve. Another, if possible, is to avoid feeding him around her until he's more practised and you're confident he can eat without her feeling like he's in danger. I'd also definitely talk to her about the dangers of what she was doing, I'd be worried she might try to sweep food out of his mouth which can actually push it further down his throat.
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Re: How to deal with GRANDMA!!

Postby asherlock » 11 Oct 2015, 19:36

Thank you, good advice.
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Re: How to deal with GRANDMA!!

Postby UnhappyRightFoot » 11 Oct 2015, 20:09

Ditto emzit

Ask her to read the book and then, away from any meal times so you are both calm and have time to talk it through, explain how you would like meal times to be handled in the future. Try not to finger point and say "you shouldn't have done that" but make it more general that babies instinctively know how to handle food and the gag reflex is perfectly normal etc etc. Then sit her at the far end of the table for a while!
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