Supper Ideas to help sleep

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Supper Ideas to help sleep

Postby Joboom » 07 Oct 2015, 12:11

Hello! Forgive my rambling, I'm sleep deprived! :)
I'm Canadian, living in France with my French husband and my first born who is 6 months old. She is breastfed and we recently begun blw. I received a sample of some powder to put in a night bottle to supposedly fill up the little one and I think I'm quite against products like that. However, she is still waking every 2 hours all night and I'm getting a bit burnt out and my hand is itching to open the sample packet (it even claims to have chammomile in it). Normally though, I am quite repulsed by the French tendency to give these bottles of goop at night to babies. So, what I'm looking for is an alternative evening meal that might miraculously help in the sleep department too!
DH wants to give her veg soup with potato in it, but of course wants to do so with a spoon, and I really disliked watching him give it to her while he held her hands down. She has been doing well with the blw, so I'm not keen on 'doing a bit of both' as he wants to...
Have you given anything that seems to encourage fewer night bf? I drink a sleepy time tea to try to help...
The doctor recommended giving her some water at night feeds but I don't think that is a good idea for bf...
Help? Thank you !!!
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Re: Supper Ideas to help sleep

Postby Lily » 07 Oct 2015, 18:41

And breathe!

6 months is prime territory for a massive growth spurt. So right now, the more calories you can get into her, the sooner she's likely to finish the spurt and calm down her feeding a little. Milk is way, way more calorific than watery purée or vegetable soup, and a better source of nutrients for a 6mo.

Thickening powders, potato and other starchy foods are slower to digest, so they will fill her up for longer. That's why people suggest them as a strategy to improve sleep. But even if they work (which they certainly don't for everyone), they're not great nutritionally compared to milk. And like you say, feeding them wallpaper paste isn't exactly appealing.

Once you're through the growth spurt, she's reaching an age where you could do some gentle sleep training if you wanted to. My son also woke 6-8 times a night at that age, and it does become a habit which you can break with a bit of effort. You'll find plenty of sympathy here and ideas for kind, baby-friendly ways to improve sleep if that's a route you want to take.
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