What not to give?

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What not to give?

Postby LucieH » 07 Oct 2015, 10:52

Hi! My LO is 6 months old and we've been having much fun and success with her blw first few tastes :-) Standard things really, roast carrot, parsnip, avocado, banana and broccoli. My question is, what should not be given. So far I know the following :

No salt.
Sugary things/sugar
Soft/veiny cheeses
Peanuts and similar shaped objects that are prime for properly choking

Ummm I think that's it? Is there anything else that we should be avoiding?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: What not to give?l

Postby Riotproof » 07 Oct 2015, 11:47

Anything that breaks off hard like raw carrot or Apple.
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Re: What not to give?

Postby Marrow » 07 Oct 2015, 15:28

I'd actually pull back a bit from your list, and say limited (rather than no) salt, and that blue / soft cheeses and shellfish are fine (unless you have reason to suspect allergy etc).

Bread can be tricky (it clags up and sticks to the roof of the mouth) - some find toast or breadsticks easier to start with.
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Re: What not to give?

Postby LucieH » 07 Oct 2015, 17:34

That's a good point Marron, I was going from the weaning class but, to be honest, they varied hugely even between towns in the same county so I should have questioned it. Thank you riotproof too. I will definitely avoid hard Ines like that. Thank you both :-)
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