Vitamin supplements

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Vitamin supplements

Postby LucieH » 03 Oct 2015, 19:23

Hi there, is anyone else being given conflicting info on vitamin supplements? My LO is 6 months old, EBF and we've just started BLW with the mantra 'food us fun until she's one' :-)
My question is....should we be giving iron and vitamin D supplements?
Thanks in advance for any help x
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Re: Vitamin supplements

Postby Lily » 03 Oct 2015, 20:03

Hi Lucie, welcome!

General medical consensus seems to be that Vit D supplements are worthwhile in northern climates. Iron isn't such an issue - your LO's stores will begin to deplete at about 6mo, but they don't drop to zero right away. There are plenty of iron-rich foods you can offer (dark green leafy veg, tahini, nut butters, beans, shellfish, red meats etc etc etc), and even if very little gets eaten to begin with, a bit here and there will be enough.

That said, my personal feeling is that you should give your kids whatever supplements will allow you to be confident and relaxed about their eating. If an iron supplement will help you relax and let your LO move at her own pace, then go for it.
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Re: Vitamin supplements

Postby Gizmo » 03 Oct 2015, 21:04

I give mine D3, which I think is absolutely essential for everyone, and very few people get enough and think that just going in the sun for 10 minutes without suncream means they get enough, it's not.

Personally I give my kids a supplement because I have a health condition that having done a bucket load of research Vit D absolutely improves. I'm not taking risks with their health.

This vid can explain in simple terms
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Re: Vitamin supplements

Postby LucieH » 04 Oct 2015, 15:56

Thank you so much, that's really helpful :-) Much appreciated.
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Re: Vitamin supplements

Postby Where'stheMistletoe » 04 Oct 2015, 20:31

Agree with Gizmo on the D3 supplements. There have been some good threads on Vit D here if you do a bit of a search in random thoughts IIRC.
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Re: Vitamin supplements

Postby LucieH » 05 Oct 2015, 18:06

Thank you, I'll do that x
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