Need some help/encouragement to get started

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Need some help/encouragement to get started

Postby Schokocat » 30 Sep 2015, 06:56

Good morning everyone (it's in the middle of the night for me though ;) )
So I'm entirely confused and insecure how to go about starting solids. Reading around on the topic of blw has left me more confused. I'm a first time mom to a wonderfully smart 5 month old girl. German, living in Texas. So all I know from home about feeding babies is already different from what her pediatrician and my in laws tell me. Now I'm reading up on blw and just don't know how to go about it.

I already offered her some mashed up food and she loooooooves bananas. She can sit up all by herself and play with her toes whenever she can. So I'm assuming we got the sitting down so she can gag???

I'm being told to hold off a couple of days before offering her new food to rule out allergies. And to not. Definitely not give her fruits, "so she won't be picky and spoiled". Now from home I have tons of fruit purees from Hipp. And the recipes I all have fruit. My mom tells me to give her fruit because she's used to sweet breastmilk.
I'm also afraid of having her choke on food that's not mashed up. Since everyone tells you to watch out for that...
Can I offer her multiple new things a day? Fruits? And what about choking?
I'm torn and just want to do what's best for her but hearing all the conflicting things really make me insecure About trying anything.
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Re: Need some help/encouragement to get started

Postby Lily » 30 Sep 2015, 07:43

Don't worry! Yes, it can be very confusing, but babies are resilient and she won't break if you don't follow the rules.

Your mom is totally right about fruit - breast milk is sweet so babies are accustomed to sweet flavours, and there's no need to worry about 'spoiling' her. If you want to use up those jars of fruit purees you could try stirring them through Greek yogurt.

Choking is scary but rare, and it can happen even with purees. Educate yourself about infant first aid, make sure you can recognise choking (silent) as opposed to gagging (noisy), and try to relax.

Unless there's a family history of allergies there's no need to wait before introducing new foods. Just offer her a little of what you're eating, as long as it's low in salt. The only things to avoid are honey and choking hazards like nuts, whole grapes and whole cherry tomatoes.

It'll be fine! Have fun.
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Re: Need some help/encouragement to get started

Postby Schokocat » 30 Sep 2015, 12:16

Other than low in salt are there other things I have to watch out for? Like no spices at all? (Not talking about hot spicy, but like herbs and garlic, pepper etc?)
What about dairy? I'm being told to not give an infant under 12 months any dairy at all.
Is it ok to use a mesh feeder at first? Until I get comfortable with it? What about tortellini and pasta in general? And I can just give her a piece of banana?

Sorry for all those questions. Like I said it's very confusing if you hear/read so many different things. Thank you :)
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Re: Need some help/encouragement to get started

Postby Treeb » 30 Sep 2015, 12:58

Spices and flavorings are fine, even things that are a little bit spicy. I think we held off on dairy until my ds was 6 months. It's really just milk as a drink that you need to avoid before a year. Yogurt and cheese are totally fine, as is a but of milk here and there in cooking.

You could use a mesh feeder if it makes you more comfortable, but there's no real need to and it wouldn't let your lo fully explore the foods. Pasta is fine, curly noodle shapes are easiest for them to grab at first. Chunks of banana are fine but a little slippery so some los have trouble holding onto them at first.

It can be scary at first but you will soon learn to love it!
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