All a bit chaotic

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All a bit chaotic

Postby CJWelch » 19 Sep 2015, 08:50


Am feeling a bit unsure about everything again. My boy/girl twins will be 11 months in a week. In terms of variety they eat really well as they are willing to try lots of different things. I don't really adjust our family mealtimes apart from (more or less) leaving out the salt. However, my first issue is that I don't think they eat an awful lot of food in terms of quantity. I obviously don't know for sure because I don't measure or weigh things and you can never really work out how much has been eaten and how much is collected from the floor and tray to feed the chickens. I don't want to start weighing and measuring either because that will drive me insane. I guess I just see how much jar-fed babies are polishing off and I think the difference is possibly quite significant. They still have around 600 ml of formula a day (over 3 bottles) and I am very tempted to drop the after lunch bottle...I know this doesn't fit in with the BLW concept but....They are gaining weight slowly but I think that's normal for this age and I think they are pretty much still on their normal centiles (we have a one-year check-up in a couple of weeks so we will see for sure then).

My second concern or at least something I find a bit irritating is that things sometimes seem really chaotic. For instance, one of our meals (usually but not always evening) is more often than not bread and different toppings and bits and pieces (cucumber, tomatoes, cheese, houmous, other dips and spreads and salads, breadsticks, crackers, cheese, roast beef and stuff like that). I often feel that, at that meal in particular, we put lots of bits on their trays, they maybe eat a couple of morsels, then have a moan, get offered something different, chuck stuff on the floor, seem to be finished, get something they really like/need at that moment, go back to original food that was placed on their tray (partially picked up from the floor), have another moan, get a drink of water, get hungry again and eat more, have a moan, get cleaned up, decide they do after all want a few more morsels and even a lot more and eventually the meal ends. It all feels chaotic and bitty if you know what I mean. I just wonder when we will get to the point that I can have a meal there for them (either in front of them or served onto their tray) and eat what they want of it and indicate when they are finished. Nice and neat. You see what I mean? I know there is still lots of experimentation going on at this age but...Sometimes I think we give them too much variety at that meal but I don't want to limit their exposure to foods. Our hot meal that consists of fewer components is easier. There is nothing else to offer other than fruit and yoghurt. It's just the teatime meal that feels so disorganised.

Anyway, sorry for the long train of thought. Any tips, ideas or experiences welcome!
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Re: All a bit chaotic

Postby Tonica » 19 Sep 2015, 16:05

My son is 10 months and I have same issue with chaos. Plates are flying in the air, food is thrown all around, he has patience to sit in highchair (or our lap) for about 2 min, hardly eats anything. I feel things were much better when he was younger.
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Re: All a bit chaotic

Postby Riotproof » 20 Sep 2015, 01:04

You have twins! I suspect your life is going to be a bit chaotic for a while yet!

Honestly, that all sounds good. It sounds like they are enjoying it, trying new things.
Perhaps you can simplify your itty bitty meal by only offering one type of food at once? Maybe they aren't ready for a smorgasbord. But it really sounds like everything is going swimmingly.
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Re: All a bit chaotic

Postby Treeb » 20 Sep 2015, 01:43

I agree with riotproof - I don't think chaos can be avoided when you have twins! (Or any baby for that matter.) But you can try to minimize it as much as possible. It does sound like you perhaps need to simplify/cut back your evening meal. Maybe choose just two or three items to give them at the start, then offer new things once they've had a chance with those. There would be a few ways to do this, such as offering at least on grain, one protein/meat, and one fruit or veg item. Or you could try offering one thing you know they will eat, one thing you want them to try, and one thing they may not eat but you want to expose them to.

At 11 months they also likely have enough understanding for you to be bit stricter about the end of a meal. Try not to be wishy-washy going back and forth between cleaning up and then letting them have more food. You are making more work for yourself as well as teaching them that it is ok to come and go from a meal. Personally I would set a rule that if they reach a certain level of playing/throwing then that is the end and once they are cleaned up then that's it. I assume they have an evening bottle after the meal, so if they are really still hungry that can fill them up.

I know you mentioned being worried about the amount they eat, which I'm sure is leading you to want to let them eat as much as possible at that evening meal. I've definitely been there with my ds. He didn't start really eating a noticeable amount until around 14 months old, and wasn't eating full "meals" worth until closer to 18 months. It's really ok! As long as they are happy, healthy, and growing then I wouldn't try to push them to drop their milk. They will naturally start eating more when it is right for them.
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Re: All a bit chaotic

Postby lisbeth » 21 Sep 2015, 20:34

I kept meaning to reply because both of my two, especially the younger, found it quite hard if there were lots of choices on offer. A buffet style meal did decend into total chaos, though with practice they are now (finally) getting better. For lunch I almost always just put 3 or 4 things on plates for the three of us, which normally makes for a calmer meal.

In terms of quantity, I find them both still very variable. Quite often these days my younger one won't really eat anything for supper, but as they have both followed their centile lines throughout, I follow their lead.
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Re: All a bit chaotic

Postby ches » 23 Sep 2015, 03:17

My strapping 8yo ate nothing at 11mo, and gained 1 lb from 6 to 11 mo. It really doesn't matter how much they eat at this age, as long as they're meeting milestones. Likewise on variety. Do what's easiest. You can't break them. Modeling good eating habits is way more influential than how much exposure they get to food. Take the easy way out!
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Re: All a bit chaotic

Postby UnhappyRightFoot » 23 Sep 2015, 09:05

What ches said!!!

I chilled out a lot with my second DD and just put bits off my plate onto her tray for her to try, rather than prepare anything steamed and "baby friendly" - it's all baby friendly, except for salt and honey!!!! It made things soooo much easier. Don't fall into the trap of making them something different if they throw it on the floor - they'll have you cooking their favourites every day before you know it! I've been there and urge caution!!!! Have something like bananas and yoghurt as a healthy pudding/alternative.

You'll notice changes in the contents of their nappies - that will give you an indication of quantity!!! My 2 were also still having a lot of milk at that age - DD1 had about 700ml of milk and DD2 had 6-7 feeds each day. The dropped when they wanted - in the case of DD2, she dropped from 7 feeds to 1 in the space of 2 months!!

And chaos isn't restricted to twins!!! :wink:
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