Loose stool

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Loose stool

Postby CJWelch » 15 Sep 2015, 09:40


Sorry for the graphic subject. Our 11-month old twins have had pretty loose stools for the last week. Not excessively frequent, just very loose and unformed. They aren't ill, have no temperature or cold, are eating normally, drinking their milk, drinking water, on good form, developing normally and getting up to mischief. However, I don't think their digestion is totally normal right now and ideally would like to rectify it (without necessarily having to take a visit to the doc). Obviously it's hard to exclude something they may be reacting to as they try new foods constantly. I also don't think this is an allergy or food intolerance (though we did start putting coconut milk on their overnight oats a few weeks ago which is absolutely delicious and they love it but could have triggered a reaction??). They do, however, eat an awful lot of fruit. They have done from the very start so nothing has changed there but could this be the cause? They will happily polish off a punnet of bluberries or blackberries after breakfast then perhaps a peach or plum at lunch as well as a few cherry tomatoes as starters. We don't give them fruit at tea time because our girl twin, Mia is a slightly sicky baby and we don't like to put anything too acid in her tummy before bed. They also have banana and stewed or pureed apples on their porridge, overnight oats or Weetabix in the morning. They eat lots of other food too but I think, from a quantity perspective, fruit definitely outweighs the rest. They don't drink juice of any kind only water and formula (3 times a day). Does anyone have a similar experience? Would you drop fruit completely for a couple of days and see what happens? Any tips on how to normalise things? They eat food which are supposed to be binding too (eggs a couple of times a week for instance, banana). Should I give more potato? We tend to eat more pasta, rice and bread in our family as my oldest wasn't fond of potatoes for a long time. Anyway, advice/tips/experiences welcome!


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Re: Loose stool

Postby StJuniper » 15 Sep 2015, 11:52

Honestly, if it's just in the last week, I'd not really be trying to find the cause. If it went on longer or they seemed unwell in other ways, but with the range of possible causes-- teething, something they ate, a mild tummy bug, etc.-- I'd just be waiting for this to fix itself.
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Re: Loose stool

Postby Kitcameron » 15 Sep 2015, 15:14

If you're really desperate for something to try a friend and I usually follow BRAT rules. For diarrhoea feed banana, rice, apples and toast, for constipation avoid those foods. I don't know how scientific it is but it usually does the trick. E is stricter than me with it, she ONLY feeds those things when her son is loose or sicky, ( I mean if he's loose or sicky those are the only foods he eats not he only eats them when he's loose or sicky) but I'm a bit more lenient as I find it very hard to just feed my kids four foods per day lol.

As StJ says though there's so much that could be causing it you'll probably never know and as long as they don't seem unwell I wouldn't worry too much.
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