Throwing food

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Throwing food

Postby Mikki_n_Mya » 10 Jun 2015, 17:58

Hi all I am a first time mum with a 8 month old baby girl. We have been baby led weaning since she was 6 months and doing really well. But now she is in the habit of biting things once and then launching them across the room. What do I do? Any tips? Or anyone having same problem. Any advice or general comments would be great.

Thanks xx
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Re: Throwing food

Postby qbm » 10 Jun 2015, 18:51

No tips really. Just wanted to say it's totally normal and it will pass. Both mine threw food. My 16 month old hardly throws any anymore (sorry, it can be a long phase)! Just put the food back on her tray and she might go back to it.
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Re: Throwing food

Postby Mikki_n_Mya » 10 Jun 2015, 18:55

16 months!? O no! It's still nice to know she's not the only one doing it. Drives me crazy at times. I was thinking about not putting it back and see if she starts to learn that if she throws it it's not coming back. Or is that a bit harsh at this age? Plus dinner time would last 30 seconds lol
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Re: Throwing food

Postby Kitcameron » 10 Jun 2015, 19:10

My one year old chucks stuff too, I tend to give it her back a few times then give her a warning that if she does it again it won't come back and then after that I decide she doesn't really want it anyway. I don't think she understands the warning but I'm hoping that if I'm consistent then she will begin to understand what it means.
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Re: Throwing food

Postby mamapup » 10 Jun 2015, 21:22

Here too with my 15 month old until fairly recently. I always ask her to put it on the table or give it to me and for the most part she does unless she's being deliberately naughty now. So a throw rarely gets anything handed back these days.
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Re: Throwing food

Postby Mikki_n_Mya » 11 Jun 2015, 08:08

That's good to know, sounds like she's starting to understand. Really difficult to know what to do for the best. For now I think I might hand it back. But won't be doing this forever. She needs to learn but for now I think she's a bit young and It might just frustrate both of us more than it's worth.
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Re: Throwing food

Postby DaliaJesse » 11 Jun 2015, 09:40

Hello, I started BLW when she was 7 months old. For first two weeks she was good. After that she used to eat some food and then throw the remaining. Then I started worrying and thinking what to do to avoid this. My mother advised me to give the food only when she is hungry, the food that she likes and that too little amount of food on her plate. I started giving my baby in the same way, sometimes I used to sit with her and have one bite and used to say like it is very tasty, yummy, delicious with a smile then my baby tries to imitate me and eat the food on her plate without throwing. Try to do the same with your baby, hope she too will stop throwing.
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Re: Throwing food

Postby somerandomchick » 22 Jun 2015, 18:04

We did a few strategies to deal with the early food throwing:

-Only put one or two things on her plate at a time (if she couldn't hold every piece of food in front of her simultaneously, she would clear the tray until she could!)
-Watch closely for throwing to start and intercept, pretending she's handing me things. When she reaches out to throw, I reach out to take the food and say "are you done with that? Thank you!" (as time wore on she started holding her hand out for me to take food away, and dropping it if I take forever--we're still working on leaving food you don't want to eat on your plate, ignoring it, at almost 2)
-I pay attention to accidental dropping vs throwing, and throwing food means she's done with it. It will make meal time short but you can offer other things to play with (let them play with utensils etc)
-Now that she's older, I make her help me clean up messes that she made on purpose. I gave her baked oatmeal this morning and it's not her fault it's hard for her to eat, so that's fine, but she intentionally dropped tomatos yesterday. You'd be surprised at how young they can help you pick up--Rosalind has understood helping me put Legos away since she was less than a year old. You might start with encouraging them to help you pick up toys and once they grasp that concept, they can help you pick up food. She's also had to help with stuff like cleanup when she got into the box of tissues and made a giant mess. At almost 2 DD also has to wipe up the floor if its something messy. (She does a terrible job but it's the principle, I finish up afterwards)
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Re: Throwing food

Postby Tonica » 19 Sep 2015, 16:45

Can I bring this topic up again?
Except throwing food, we also have problem that after our son is done with throwing his plate, food and forks (he is 10 m now), he is trying to reach towards our plates and food!
And he is quite persistent...
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Re: Throwing food

Postby Treeb » 20 Sep 2015, 02:14

Tonica, it sounds to me (from this and your other post) like your son might be trying to tell you that he is overwhelmed. We didn't start using forks, or even plates regularly, until after our son was a year old. Many babies at that age are still overwhelmed by too much in front of them, whether it is dishes or just too much food, and will "clear" the space by throwing or dropping it on the floor. In your situation I would simplify way down to just offering one or two pieces of food at a time, preferably with no dishes either or just with a plate and skip the fork for now. You can have a bowl or plate of food out of his reach with extra to be handed to him if/when he eats what you first give him.
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