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worried about small/hard foods.

PostPosted: 07 Feb 2011, 12:42
by HelenaV
Hana is doing really well with her eating, am so proud I could burst ;-).
I'm still worried about her choking though, and so am only giving her soft fruit, roast veg, bread, that kinds of things.
When should I start giving her more 'difficult' stuff, like raisins, apple, also worried cucumber? Gave her it once (cucumber that is) and she loved it, but then got huge chunks in her mouth (her 2 bottom teeth are through and very efficient!), so chickened out and took it away from her!
Anyway, rambling a bit, so to sum up: can I give her 'small' stuff snd harder stuff already? She 7 mts, been blw for about a month and eating really well!