Increased feeding?

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Increased feeding?

Postby Cici28 » 18 Jan 2011, 16:51

Hi There

My LO is almost 9months and took to BLW and loves her food...she really is a super eater.....although the last 8 weeks since weaning her from BF to Bottle she is feeding more typical 2 extra through the night and can be any amount from 1oz to 6oz.
Today brought to get weighed and she is bang on track and when I mentioned to HV about her milk feeds she was very anti BLW saying she clearly is not getting enough and did not believe that BLW is a good route to go and I should spoon feed my daughter??? Help ....does anyone have similar experience and what did you do, here is a typical day:
7ish - Milk feed 5oz
8am - breakfast
11.30am Milk feed 5oz
12.30- Lunch
3.30- Milk feed 5oz
5.00- Dinner
7.30- Milk feed and bedtine 7oz
Midnight waking- 1-5oz
4am waking- 1-5oz

My Older son at this age was dropping feeds whereas she is increased?? I have tried to offer bottles of water but she refuses to settle unless she has a drink of milk!
Any advice would be appreciated :D as I am afraid to mention to HV again!!
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