Increased feeds

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Increased feeds

Postby Cici28 » 18 Jan 2011, 14:48

Hi There
My LO is 9 months and took to BLW straight away, I also weaned her from BF to bottle around 8months, Today i got her weighted and although she is on track, my HV was very negative toward BLW saying she does not believe in it. As My Lo for the past 8 weeks wakes up at midnight and 4am for feeds ( which she never did when she was BF) she can drink anything from 1oz to 6oz and my HV said it was because I am BLW that she just is not getting enough????
Help has anyone else has this prob and how do I cut these feeds down? This is what her feeding looks like
7am - Bottle 5oz
8am - Breakfast
11.30am bottle 5oz
12.30 lunch
3.30pm Bottle 5-6oz
5pm - Dinner
7.30pm Bottle and Bed 7oz
Midnight - 1-5oz
4am 1-5oz

With regards her meals she enjoys her food and has decent amount at meal times, but I dont know why she is drinking so much esp at her age as my older son was dropping feeds at this stage whereas she is increasing??? Any advice would be greatly received as my HV was so negative towards BLW I dont think I will bother mentioning it again to her. Thanks! :D
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