Need help with menu planning!!

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Need help with menu planning!!

Postby felizefun » 17 Jan 2011, 13:48

Hi lovely ladies,
I need some advice with menu planning for my 8 month old DD. I have been doing BLW with her since 6 months and I try to give her 3 meals a day (b'fast, lunch and dinner) as much as possible. But I have some trouble deciding what to give her... This is how a typical day looks like at the moment, and 've stated my questions alongside;

B'fast - toast soliders with butter/avacado, fried egg, cereal, cheese sticks...
I usually give her toast soliders everyday and spoonfeed cereal...Is it ok? I give both coz in case she doesn't eat one she might eat the other...Should I give both or just stick to one at a time? So far, she has tasted a bit of the fried egg (after I offered it for ages, it seems). I've heard that babies need to see the same food at least 6 times before they eat it? So should I keep offering fried egg everyday until she starts to eat it properly?
Also, is there any other food/s to add to this b'fast repertoire?

Lunch - steamed carrot, broccoli, b'nut squash, sweet potato, asparagus... I offer almost all of these veggies at the same time, everday. Is this ok? I also offered steamed salmon to the repertoire? Should I offer it separately from the other veggies? Also, we usually eat rice and curry for lunch, how can I offer rice? DD hasn't developed her pincer grip yet? Should I mash rice and spoonfeed? She doesn't let me spoonfeed her most of the time... Should I wait for her to develop the pincer grip before offering curries like dahl? Or should I keep offering some of the curries everyday for her to get familiar?

Dinner - This is the one I have most trouble plannig...ATM I offer fruits like plums, banana, avacado, pears, apple...but she hardly eat anything...what else can I offer for dinner? Again, we usually eat rice and curry for dinner also, and we eat dinner pretty late so I offer dinner to DD around 6pm, before her bedtime?

I'm sorry for rambling on...Please help me out....

Thank you all so much....
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