Wine in cooking?

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Wine in cooking?

Postby crazyparrot » 01 Apr 2010, 15:02


Was just wondering about wine in cooking?

I use white wine on roast chicken and in risottos etc and red wine to make stews, spag bol and pies when it's beef. Is this OK for the little man?

I would have thought it would be fine assuming it's all cooked off but just worth checking to see what everyone else does before letting him have it for the first time when we start in the next week or so.

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Re: Wine in cooking?

Postby Melon » 01 Apr 2010, 15:44

Although I haven't given DD anything cooked with wine yet, (we've only been at it a week) I wouldn't have any reservations about it. Like you said, all the alcohol has been cooked off.
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Re: Wine in cooking?

Postby Disco » 01 Apr 2010, 15:46

Hi there.

I use wine in cooking for at least one meal a week. the longer you simmer it, the less alcohol remains - I know that much, but not about amounts or times.... I generally don't worry.
There was a thread with a like about this a few weeks ago. I'll try find it and bump it for you. (i clearly didn't take much of the article in though lol)

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Re: Wine in cooking?

Postby Disco » 01 Apr 2010, 15:50

I couldn't find the thread i was looking for but did manage to find this in another thread

Harold McGee ( ... 585&sr=1-1) says that "long simmered stews retain about 5% of the alcohol initially added, briefly cooked dishes from 10 to 50% and flambes as much as 75%." Ethanol's boiling point is 78C so quite a bit lower than water.
mama to two summer boys S (09) and A (12)
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Re: Wine in cooking?

Postby petitemum » 07 Apr 2010, 13:07

Hi, I found more info on this:

Preparation Method - Percent of Alcohol Retained

Alcohol added to boiling liquid & removed from heat - 85%
Alcohol flamed - 75%
No heat, stored overnight - 70%
Baked, 25 minutes, alcohol not stirred into mixture - 45%

Baked/simmered, alcohol stirred into mixture:
15 minutes - 40%
30 minutes - 35%
1 hour - 25%
1.5 hours - 20%
2 hours - 10%
2.5 hours - 5%

The bottom line is that no one is ever going to get tipsy from alcohol in a cooked dish, but people who want to avoid all alcohol for religious or medical reasons need to be aware that some alcohol will remain even after long cooking.

It's up to you, whether you fall into the 'he only gets such a small amount, and it's just occasional so it's ok' category (however note alcohol can also be absorbed via breastmilk), or the 'absolutely no alcohol, it's been shown to affect the learning and memory processes in the maturing brain' category. (I know, it's a minefield!)

If you like, you can substitute the wine with apple, white grape or tomato juice.
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