7mo has started crying/screaming when eating

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7mo has started crying/screaming when eating

Postby jesslsanford » 27 May 2017, 13:19

My 7.5mo started out as a curious and good eater. Tried pretty much everything with no problem. Downed avacados,eggs, potatoes, bananas. The past 3 days he has started crying/screaming when he puts food in his mouth. It's like he doesn't like having it in his mouth. Not sure what to do. Am worried that he may not "like"food and textures and that I will have a challenged eater. Anyone else experience this. Could it be teething or constipation?
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Re: 7mo has started crying/screaming when eating

Postby Treeb » 30 May 2017, 01:08

It could be teething! If his gums are hurting food might not feel good right now, even if he initially wants to eat it. Have you tried something soothing like plain yogurt on loaded spoons? If it's not teething, it could also be that he's not feeling well, has hit a growth spurt etc.

It's ok to back off food for a little while if it's too upsetting for him right now. Milk is much more important for him at this stage, and more comforting when something is not feeling right for them. You can cut back on how many times you offer in a day or even skip a few days of offering foods if he seems too stressed out.

Hopefully he will be back to his usual self in a week or two. I wouldn't worry about sensory problems unless he seems to have specific types of foods and textures that bother him.
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