Sentences...... August

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Sentences...... August

Postby UnhappyRightFoot » 09 Aug 2016, 22:01

Can I kick the month off with one from my mum rather than my babies??

(Scene setting - my mum (very religious, almost 80yo, very conservative (I almost never swear in front of her as she doesn't like it), very quiet lady) calls me just as the mens 10 Meter syncro diving starts. I suggest she watch it as there are some rather fine men wearing very small speado's on the TV)

"Well, there isn't much room for their willies, is there??" Literally PMSL.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

(and then spent the whole competition looking at their gentlemens trouser areas - especially the chap from Mexico!!!!)
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Re: Sentences...... August

Postby EnigmaFish » 15 Aug 2016, 16:36

Yesterday, Kleintje started a sentence with, "If I lay boys when I grow up..."
:o :o :o
..."I'm going to name them all Leon."

Oh, right. Lay, like laying eggs. That's alright, then.
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Re: Sentences...... August

Postby ChristmasGift » 16 Aug 2016, 20:47

:) to both of those!
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Re: Sentences...... August

Postby StJuniper » 19 Aug 2016, 15:26

Scout Kid, as I bring Tumbleweed up from her nap at the grandparents: "Can we put her in the vibrator?"

Uh, no, but we can put her in the bouncy chair.
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Re: Sentences...... August

Postby mamapup » 19 Aug 2016, 16:04

Following this theme:

Little Croc loves it when we blow on her skin through clothes, she loves the warm feeling. So recently she will come to me, grab my head, push it down on her and shout)(because there is no volume control), "mummy, blow me"
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Re: Sentences...... August

Postby Lily » 19 Aug 2016, 18:06

A cute one to counteract your potty-mouthed children:
'Mummy, I wish Bee would never get big, she is so sweet now.'
Me too, honey. Me too.
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Re: Sentences...... August

Postby Kitcameron » 20 Aug 2016, 18:05

She is very sweet. Very cute of Iz to think so too
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Re: Sentences...... August

Postby EnigmaFish » 20 Aug 2016, 20:16

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