Teething the second time around - help

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Teething the second time around - help

Postby mummybear » 09 Aug 2016, 16:19

Hi, T will be 11 in a few weeks time. He has lost 5 teeth this school year and 4 in the last 4 weeks. We never had any trouble with discomfort etc. the he was little nor with the front teeth when he was in Year 2. Now he's annoyed by gaps and fearful of another coming out and grumpy.

Dentist visit booked for end of school hols and I'm not really worried, just a bit concerned by how many in such a short time. They are the expected ones - upper molars (?) I just don't want too many gaps at once. How long do they take to fill in? It's so log since we did this kinda thing, I've forgotten :cry
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Re: Teething the second time around - help

Postby ches » 09 Aug 2016, 20:13

J lost 3/4 front teeth at once and then at through $20 of lamb chops. He complains about pain when they are loose. I haven't had a need to give him pain killers, but I wouldn't hesitate to give ibuprofen. Toothfairy isn't here anymore, but she answers my tooth-related questions on fb.
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