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PostPosted: 11 Jul 2016, 19:09
by ChristmasGift
Dear DH,

I am not usually one to praise you but yesterday, when I was too hungover to be a parent :oops: , you were awesome. Dealt with the small one all day, entertained her, took her out, fed her and didn't resort to that much TV, whilst I laid in bed like a teenager.
Thank you
Your grateful and still not feeling on top form, wife.

Re: Dear.....July

PostPosted: 29 Jul 2016, 00:04
by emzit
Dear DH,

We have two rooms upstairs to use that aren't being renovated or have stuff stacked in them for the renos. So why are you working from home in one of them instead of downstairs? That's half our space and we have to be quiet while you're on a conference call.

Your crosspatch wife who is sick of being either banished or cooped up.