*waves* can i come back?!

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*waves* can i come back?!

Postby ceem » 02 Jul 2016, 22:55

Hi everyone, long time no see!

I have taken a years (ish) break from here but am ready to come back now if you'll have me...........

Some of you may remember that we had 3 losses whilst waiting for DC3 and I finally got pregnant and the good news is that he is now 7 months and BLWing like a trooper of course lol!

I had the most fantastic planned "natural csection" and was home the next day and no hints of pnd or anything, life really is great!

looking forward to catching up with everyone x
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Re: *waves* can i come back?!

Postby emzit » 03 Jul 2016, 05:36

Hi ceem!

Fantastic news, congrats on your no-so-little one! Welcome back!
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Re: *waves* can i come back?!

Postby qbm » 03 Jul 2016, 06:13


I remember your struggles and am really pleased to hear how well things are now.

Welcome back!
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Re: *waves* can i come back?!

Postby sabrina fair » 03 Jul 2016, 06:29

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Re: *waves* can i come back?!

Postby ChristmasGift » 03 Jul 2016, 13:09

Welcome back ceem - great to hear everything is going well.
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Re: *waves* can i come back?!

Postby pirate_han » 03 Jul 2016, 17:26

Hi ceem!
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Re: *waves* can i come back?!

Postby Lily » 03 Jul 2016, 17:54

Welcome back ceem! Has it really been a year?!
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Re: *waves* can i come back?!

Postby UnhappyRightFoot » 03 Jul 2016, 19:39

Hi ceem

Lovely to see you back!!!

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Re: *waves* can i come back?!

Postby Kanga » 03 Jul 2016, 20:58

Hello! Lovely to have you back :)
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Re: *waves* can i come back?!

Postby EnigmaFish » 03 Jul 2016, 21:03

Hi ceem, welcome back! It's great to hear of your new son. I remember when you posted about the lost babies, and the pain it caused you. It's so good to hear there was joy for you again.
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Re: *waves* can i come back?!

Postby StJuniper » 03 Jul 2016, 23:55

Hi ceem, welcome back. :)
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Re: *waves* can i come back?!

Postby Brigitte » 04 Jul 2016, 03:19

Welcome back! And welcome little one #3!

I'll be starting on BLW journey #3 this fall :)
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Re: *waves* can i come back?!

Postby lizandimo » 04 Jul 2016, 04:19

Welcome back!
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