Little (mostly) non-EU rant

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Little (mostly) non-EU rant

Postby LucyLastic » 20 Jun 2016, 21:46

Just a whinge about my week, really, seeing as I haven't got my Mum to whine to these days. We came on holiday to France about 12 days ago, and despite the weather (about 4 degrees lower than annual averages) we still had a lovely time on the beach and in the sea. We left our chalet on Fri and came to our friends' house to see them before we headed home on Sunday. First of all, a light appeared on the dash on Sat afternoon while I was out with C, so I came straight back as I didn't want to break down in the middle of nowhere on a Sat night in France. No one would have come to my rescue. So I called the RAC and they orgnaised for someone to come and look at the car and its light. They said they needed to run diagnositcs so took it away and I was left sans voiture in the middle of rural Normandy. Not an issue, as our friends are fab and have made us very welcome every time we have visited. However, you don't want to outstay your welcome, do you? Then I woke up Sun am with the beginnings of thrush, so we ended up having to ring the emergency services (as advised by all the previous numbers we tried). Seriously, the equivalent of 999 to see an OOH GP to get the equivalent of Canesten. Got an appointment (49,50€) and a prescription (42€ for some cream and some powder in a bottle that I have to mix with water, so I haven't taken it yet, bleurgh). Typically, it seems to have calmed down a bit with just the cream. So about £65. Ouch. The RAC tried really hard to get us a hire car yesterday, no luck, but then got us one today and organised a taxi to take me to collect it. The taxi was late and dropped me off ar 12:15, fifteen minutes after the hire car place had shut for lunch and 1h45 before it was due to reopen. And it was raining. Quite a bit. I eventually found shelter in a smokers' shelter outside a factory just uo the road. The guy eventually rocked up at 14:10 and I got the car. By this time I wasn't feeling great, a little bit hot, but clammy from the rain, strange subtle gland pain over my abdomen and a bit nauseous. I came straight back to our friends' house - they were at work, then went to bed for a bit. Then the RAC called to tellme that, having spent all morning looking for a garage to take my car to for diagnostics, the breakdown garage had done them and found no fault, so they had switched the light off. So we then drove to the breakdown place to collect our car (paid 40€ for the diagnonstic test) and then the car wouldn't start. It did eventually, but it was quite clear that they had no intention of doing anything about it. So we came straight home, in two cars, me in ours as I'm the one who speaks French. Made it back but the car doesn't feel right and I am wary about driving it to Calais. And this doesn't even mention trying to rearrange then rearrange our return ferry ticket. So to orrow, I need to call a garage myself to see if they can run another (40€) diagnostics test, take it along, in two cars, maybe leave it and rearrange the ferry, or come back here and pack and rearrange the ferry. And I am running a temperature of nearly 39. I was supposed to cook for everyone this evening as our friends were going to be home late, but had to OH to do it, while he looked after C, which he has done since we arrived at theirs as he doesn't speak French. He's into extra holiday time tomorrow, which he's not too pleased about, as he lost a couple of days when we went to Copenhagen and I got the flu. Just, you know, ugh. Bit fed up. So glad we're at our lovely friends' place, but I really don't want to pee them off with a poorly me, my OH being like a ghost, seeing as he can't speak the lingo and an overexcited 4 year old who hasn't been out for two days because of the crappy rain and the lack of car.
And breathe. Sorry. Nothing to see here, as you were.

PS #VoteRemain
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Re: Little (mostly) non-EU rant

Postby qbm » 21 Jun 2016, 06:51

Oh LL that is enormously shitty series of events. So sorry that you're feeling ill on top of everything else! Your ps made me giggle though. :D

Keeping my fingers crossed that you find a car solution tomorrow without too much hassle and that you are feeling better soon.

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Re: Little (mostly) non-EU rant

Postby UnhappyRightFoot » 21 Jun 2016, 09:02

Oh blimey! That's a lot going on. Hope you are feeling better soon - everything is harder to handle when you aren't well. Get home safely (and in time for the vote!)


Ps. #voteleave!!!!
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Re: Little (mostly) non-EU rant

Postby mamapup » 21 Jun 2016, 09:05

Sounds shit, I'm sorry. Fingers crossed everything is sorted asap.
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Re: Little (mostly) non-EU rant

Postby Cofa's Tree » 21 Jun 2016, 09:18

That's just all a bit pants isn't it :( . Hope you don't feel any worse and get home safely x
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