Ruined "relaxing" week away

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Ruined "relaxing" week away

Postby UnhappyRightFoot » 03 Apr 2016, 23:00

Do you mind if I come here a grumble...?

We went away last Thursday for a trip of 3 parts, but the main point was for DH to have a bit of down time after all we've been through in the last 6 months.

After a rather busy last day, I drove up to the in-laws (2.5 hours away) at 11.00pm! The girls slept the whole way though! However, when I got there, I realised that there was a part missing from my CPAP mask. I'd chucked a sealed, packaged new one in the bag as I was still using the one I had during radiation so thought it about time I changed it! Anyways, it was incomplete making the mask completely unusable!!! Felt OK on Friday but called the local hospital to see if I could get another one. I was told no, the respiratory ward was closed as it was a bank holiday. Woke up Saturday feeling completely dreadful (when not using the mask, I wake up (on average) 24 times an hour. All night). So I went into town to pay the hospital a visit, see if I could get any further. I couldn't. No one could/would help. They suggested a pharmacy - which was closed!

DH and FIL then spent half the day trying to cobble something together - which continued until nearly midnight. I kept asking them to stop as I was getting more and more pissed off with it. I didn't want them wasting their time on this crap, rather than actually talking to us. I walked out at one point as I was just so fed up with it. MIL come and "fetched" me, half making out that I was being ungrateful! I wasn't - I didn't want them to be pissing around with it. They finally came up with something but it was so incredibly uncomfortable, I couldn't wear it.

DH even offered to drive back home to get my old one!! Only a 5 hour round trip!

Another night of sod-all sleep and the pharmacy was open - but didn't have any. DH left for our 4 nights away without the little people. On the way, I telephoned another hospital to see if they could help, and we stopped at another one. No one would.

The hotel was gorgeous. But the staff and facilities were a bit rubbish. The food was poor. So it was a bit of a let down. There was also a powercut on our first morning so the spa and treatment rooms weren't running properly. We'd planned to have a complete relax on our first day, a couple of treatments, but just chill out completely. I managed half a facial, DH half a massage, but they suggested re-scheduling my manicure to the following day. So we decided to go into town as I needed to get some bits for a night out on Wednesday. That was all fine.

Tuesday came along and we went back into town to return some of the bits and to go into the hospital the get a replacement mask. They wouldn't help me. I wasn't a patient at the hospital so weren't able to offer a new mask!!!! I couldn't believe it. I had another 2 nights of no sleep to look forward to!!!!!!!! Her suggestion was to contact my hospital and ask them to post one to me!!!! I walked out, almost in tears. I really wanted to have it out with her but couldn't rustle up the strength or clarity of mind to inform her with any eloquence how fucking stupid she was being.

I was so angry and exhausted.

We had another night there and then drove over to London for a work do, which was hilarious. One of the great joys of being a non-drinker is spending the evening with some very pissed people!!!!

Then finally home. My in-laws had to bring the girls home as I was too tired to drive. DH had to do all the driving. We'd planned to go back to their house and DH would ride his motorbike back while I drove the girls, but that was impossible. I was constantly dozing.

So, whilst it was lovely to go away, I was completely exhausted by the time we got home and more than a little pissed of with the whole debacle. We needed a break - not this pile of shit. I was knackered and grumpy for most of it and we wasted so much time over running here, there and everywhere trying to sort it out. Something so simple as a CPAP mask......... You'd think I was asking for the moon.

Thank you for allowing the whinge!

Ps. Munchie also fell off her chair with my phone and cracked the screen! She was fine.
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Re: Ruined "relaxing" week away

Postby Treeb » 04 Apr 2016, 00:22

Oh dear that sounds truly dreadful! ((((HF)))) I hope you have a chance at some proper sleep now, and maybe a re-do of your trip sometime in the future, minus all the horrible parts!
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Re: Ruined "relaxing" week away

Postby ches » 04 Apr 2016, 00:46

I can't actually believe they wouldn't help you. So much for one NHS. :scream
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Re: Ruined "relaxing" week away

Postby junglewonderland » 04 Apr 2016, 13:43

Oh no! I really feel for you. That sucks.
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Re: Ruined "relaxing" week away

Postby mamapup » 04 Apr 2016, 15:20

Ugh, how awful. Blame Mr Hunt.

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Re: Ruined "relaxing" week away

Postby ChristmasGift » 04 Apr 2016, 18:07

Oh HF, you all so deserved such a lovely time. Feel free to grumble away. x
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Re: Ruined "relaxing" week away

Postby LucyLastic » 04 Apr 2016, 21:11

Boo, that is all a bit rubbish. Hope you catch up on your sleep soon and that you can arrange something for the near future to make up for it. Have some hugs. Or ice cream.
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Re: Ruined "relaxing" week away

Postby EnigmaFish » 05 Apr 2016, 21:13

Oh no! So sorry to hear it didn't go the way it should have. You guys really deserved a break.
How did you sleep last night, with your mask back together? I hope you slept like a log. :)
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Re: Ruined "relaxing" week away

Postby UnhappyRightFoot » 05 Apr 2016, 21:35

mamapup wrote:Ugh, how awful. Blame Mr Hunt.


Erm, if he had his way, the wards would have been open!!!! I still don't understand why no one would help though. It seems ridiculous.

Feeling a bit better but it takes a while to properly catch up - as any sleep deprived mama will attest!!!

We just really didn't need it.
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Re: Ruined "relaxing" week away

Postby qbm » 06 Apr 2016, 11:59

That is a monumentally shit sequence of events HF.

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Re: Ruined "relaxing" week away

Postby Pics » 08 Apr 2016, 08:14

Oh no. That's awful for you.
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