Something to laugh for you all!!!!

Whatever you like, really, knock yourself out... I'm not the boss of you.

Something to laugh for you all!!!!

Postby Marie77 » 08 Oct 2007, 15:16

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Postby habbibu » 08 Oct 2007, 15:32

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Postby Aitch » 08 Oct 2007, 21:31

ROFL. how cute.
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Postby Bigpud » 09 Oct 2007, 10:55

I had some impressions done by 'Little Impressions' franchise at NEC baby show. They were sooooo expensive, but a rather fab first fathers' day gift.

Marie77, you do realise that you can never move now! Or if you do you'll have to pickaxe that bit of concrete up and take it with you!
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