dinner, bath, bed?

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Postby Bigpud » 04 Sep 2007, 14:10

Brunosmum, just looked at your fab photos: what a little smasher he is!

Scary pic of him flying through the air! Dh is barred from such play with Pudding since the head bump door frame incident at 3 months. I think the red lump on her head is a permant feature now.
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Postby AB&M » 04 Sep 2007, 14:18

Thanks Bigpug :oops:

The photo angle on the flying photo is such that the few inches look a lot more. We also have 12 foot ceiling so no bumped heads here although I do sometimes hold my breath when DH does it!
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Postby TinkerbellesMum » 06 Sep 2007, 08:13

There was a study I read recently that said Dad's do it for a reason, just like parentese and all the other silly things we do. It toughens them up and builds up their sense of limits and things (as I started typing my brain went dead!)

It was reported on in Take A Break so I can't actually go back and read it.
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Postby Eleanor » 06 Sep 2007, 08:26

It's usually me chucking P about while her dad goes "oh no... aargh... does she really like that?" (while she's giggling!)

Supper 5.30 (I nibble a bit of what she's having, then eat my proper meal later with her dad); done and wiped by 6.15. Half an hour's play; bath 6.45; bed 7.15 after a story and quick drink. Timings approximate, it's more the order of things that's important.
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Postby MC » 08 Sep 2007, 20:51

Trying to get J's eating routine right at the moment and having the most trouble with evening meal. He is almost 7 months and we have been blw for 4 weeks now. He eats most at breakfast and lunch, which he gets around 7.00-8.00am and 12.00-1.00pm respectively, but not much at tea. I have been giving him his tea (leftover veg from our meal the night before) around 5.00-5.30, but he seems really disinterested, gets quite frustrated and seems to only want a feed from me. I am thinking about not offering the food at this time and just let him feed from me, then give him his tea a little later, say 6.00-6.30pm. He goes to bed about 7.30pm at the moment (feeds to sleep, only way he will drop off) - what's everyones thoughts/experiences on giving food this close to bedtime? He's not a good sleeper - wakes to be breastfed 4 times a night on a good night and 6-7 on a bad one - so thought if we could get his tea nailed and he went to bed with a fuller tum he might sleep a bit better. Optimistic I know, but after 7 months of bad sleeping we're getting a little desparate!!
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Postby Fozza » 08 Sep 2007, 21:56

Ours is tea at 5ish, bottle at 6.30ish bed at 7.30ish.

I'm having trouble with the other end of the day. What about breakfast routines? Fimble used to have a bf at 6 then bottle at 9 but phased out the bf but still wakes up at 6 but will always go back after getting dressed about an hour later. Then wakes at 9 for breakfast, milk at 10 then maybe a nap before lunch. I'm thinking this may be habit and would really like to get up about 7-8. Lunch is usually at 12.30 and milk at 1.30 for nap at 2ish.
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Postby Eleanor » 09 Sep 2007, 08:22

MC, I'd say just give it a go - if it works it works, and if it doesn't you're no worse off!

At his age the frequent night waking might be a growth spurt thing, so you might see a big improvement in another week or two.
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Postby Marie77 » 10 Sep 2007, 11:16

Our main meal is lunch for the older one, he normally gets the rest for dinner round 7ish. Have to admit he doesnt go to bed until about 9ish :? :oops: and we have dinner then - very mediterranean style lol.

For Daniel (4 months) routine as follows:

7.30 am bottle
8.00 am more sleep
11.00 am bottle (roughly) as I feed him on demand
2.00 pm play and awake time
2.00 pm bottle then he normally sleeps again
5.00 pm bottle and being awake
9.00 pm last bottle and falling asleep

We don't have regular bath times, our older one bathes with me while the little only gets a bath every two days due to some skin problems. I slot that in when I have the time, doesnt seem to trouble him.

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