Amber teething necklaces/anklets

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Amber teething necklaces/anklets

Postby SnowDrop » 25 Jun 2012, 10:09

Do they work? Are they safe? Where is a reputable online shop to get one?

DS is, I think, suffering from teething discomfort; red cheeks, drooling a river, chewing furiously on anything he can get his hands on, but grimacing sometimes when chewing and finally sleep is even more cr@p than usual!

I have the usual teething powders, and calpol etc but know that some if you swear by amber and I'm willing to give it a go.

Any advice gratefully received! :)
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Re: Amber teething necklaces/anklets

Postby MumtoMonsters » 25 Jun 2012, 10:35

We swear by them, mainly because we never really experienced any of the things you've listed! We always knew K was teething because of her nappies, but with G teeth just seemed to turn up from time to time. So, either my kids just didn't care about teething, or their amber necklacs really did work miracles!

The necklaces themselves now come with a Trading Standards warning saying they are not suitable for children under 36m. This has come through from Europe, but so far no further information regarding this new guidance has arrived. My nephew (son of two TS Officers) wears his necklace constantly.

You're looking for baltic amber (rounded) beads which are individually knotted onto string. The string breaks under pressure, but the beads are not lost/do not become choking hazard.
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Re: Amber teething necklaces/anklets

Postby Eli » 25 Jun 2012, 10:50

Do they work? - I can only state anecdotal evidence, Munchkin coped much better with teething after she got one, she also became a sunnier child, you could tell when she hadn't been wearing it! Mr Man teethed with minimal fuss, has had amber beads on since he was 3 months (now 3yrs 1month!). Again if he hasn't had them on for a while we notice the difference in him, less calm. They aren't for chewing on, they are designed to be worn, the effects are alledgedly due to micro oils being absorbed by the skin.
I swear by them the difference in my children is impressive, I have ordered one for my next baby before it is even born!

Are they safe? - This call is really rather up to you. Medicinally they can't do any harm, the risks that are associated with them are the potential for strangulation and/or choking hazards. Reputable retailers necklaces are made so that the cord the beads are strung on will snap if it should become caught in something (I can attest to this, Munchkin threw herself off my lap and the beads snagged in my fingers as I grabbed her, cord gave way, didn't even mark her neck).
They are also strung so there is a knot between each bead so should they break a maximum of one bead can escape. The idea is they wear it under their clothes so is unlikely to get caught anyway. So there is the potential of a slight risk, only you can decide whether to risk it. Though chances are you/other responsible adult will be close by so unlikely LO would manage to get bead into mouth without you noticing anyway!
Where is a reputable online shop to get one? - as MTM says a few stores have stopped trading (due to Europe/Trading Standards treating us all like mindless children), however I have just bought one for my bump from Good Baltic amber and nice quality, lots of choice of designs too!

Sorry is long, hope it helps
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Re: Amber teething necklaces/anklets

Postby VanillaPickle » 25 Jun 2012, 11:04

And to add my airy fairy crystal loving side to the debate...

Amber is a powerful healer and cleanser, drawing disease from the body promoting tissue revitalization. It also cleans the environment and the chakras. It absorbs negative engergies and transmutes them into positive forces that stimulate the body to heal itself. A powerful protector.

Psychologically it is supposed to bring stability to life, clear depression and promote a positive mental state, alleviate stress.

Interestingly if using on children and babies it is recommended that the mother wears the amber first.

<runs and hides my airy fairy side back in it's box>
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Re: Amber teething necklaces/anklets

Postby MissKitty » 25 Jun 2012, 11:35

Am I too late, or will they work for molars?!

Seriously though, with an older, very active baby, how do they stand up to daily wear and mischief? And does anyone know whether nurseries take issue with them for health and safety reasons?

VanillaPickle - wear your airy fairy side with pride! You are not the only one with these tendencies ;) I have a large pear-shaped amber pendant that I have to be careful when wearing (so I don't wear it too often) - it's like a rocket up my entire life when I do. Seriously healing stuff, amber... Relatedly, LO had a little reiki from me this morning whilst feeding, hoping to balance him and tame the emerging teeths. His face has calmed right down and he's in a soundless deep slumber right now (complete change from last night).
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Re: Amber teething necklaces/anklets

Postby Cait » 25 Jun 2012, 11:41

Teething and depression??? Sign me up, I'll do anything to cut El's chances of the family curse!
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Re: Amber teething necklaces/anklets

Postby MumtoMonsters » 25 Jun 2012, 11:55

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Re: Amber teething necklaces/anklets

Postby MissKitty » 25 Jun 2012, 12:04

Fab! I will choose one from the rather fantastic array available later. And possibly one for me too... not that I'm teething, but am a sucker for bling :)
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Re: Amber teething necklaces/anklets

Postby squirt » 25 Jun 2012, 13:27

I didn't notice much difference with the necklace, but the teeth cut about 2 days after it arrived, with a week of stressfull sleeplessness before that. So he naturally calmed, but would have anyway.

I'm not very good to put the necklace back on in the morning :oops:
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Re: Amber teething necklaces/anklets

Postby UnhappyRightFoot » 25 Jun 2012, 13:41

We bought ours from Amber Pumpkin. According to their website, they still aren't selling the tiny ones for babies due to concearns from Trading Standards (yawn!), but you can still get the anklets - which can be worn all the time without any risks.

I've heard many mothers saying that they work. We've always used a hazelwood necklace (from Tearless Teething) which has been brilliant. We thought we'd give the amber one a go for a change but I kept up with the hazelwood one too as I didn't want to risk it! So she's worn both for about a year! We never take them off, even at night! I'm passed thinking they'll strangle her! The hazelwood is designed to snap anyway so I don't worry any more.

She is so much better with them on than without - they need to be removed if we go swimming so have discovered the difference in her when we've forgotten to put them straight back on! Most teething phases have only required a dose of calpol at night and she's been fine the rest of the time. And the last 2 molars appeared without us actually knowing she was teething. I won't be without them.

And thank you for the reminder that I need to buy one for the one on the way!!!
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Re: Amber teething necklaces/anklets

Postby Heidi » 25 Jun 2012, 14:51

Thom May 07 and Kiera Sept 09 - I don't really have an excuse to be here still!!

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Re: Amber teething necklaces/anklets

Postby Nix » 25 Jun 2012, 14:56

Buy from Little Acorns to Mighty Oaks website. Seriously. Two years down the line, Jaspers has just snapped and they are replacing it free of charge for me. Even though I bought it in 2010. Excellent customer service.
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Re: Amber teething necklaces/anklets

Postby madcatmummy » 25 Jun 2012, 19:00

I must say I didn't believe that an Amber necklace would actually work until I tried one! JT has cut his top teeth with 3 doses of calpol in total. Slightly more dribble than a normal day. I wouldn't be without it. I got mine from Amazon and it has all the safety features listed above.
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Re: Amber teething necklaces/anklets

Postby squirt » 26 Jun 2012, 03:32

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Re: Amber teething necklaces/anklets

Postby Rosie_t_Riveter » 26 Jun 2012, 06:49

I leave it on 24/7. I'm not worried about catching it as I tend to wake up to feed him (irritating but useful I suppose)

I do take it off for swimming. Chlorine is supposed to damage the amber I heard.
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