Quotes on development

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Quotes on development

Postby TinkerbellesMum » 28 Sep 2007, 09:08

Now I'm in a better mood, just to prove I didn't get everything from the webchat (where's the tongue? :p ) :wink:

From Wikipedia

Food should not be placed in the baby's mouth for her. If the baby is unable to pick up and grasp the food, she will also be unable to cope with chewing and swallowing it.

From the article I made another post about, the only one I don't have a link for lol. This would seem along with the BF Group to be where I got most of my ideas from.

It appears that a babies development keeps pace with the development of his ability to manage food in his mouth, and to digest it. A baby who is struggling to to get food in his mouth is probably not quite ready to eat it. It is important to resist the temtation to 'help' the baby in these circumstances since his own developmental abilities are wgat ensure that the transition to solid feeding takes place at the right pace for him. This process is also what keeps him safe from choking on small pieces of food, since, if he is not yet able to pick up small objects using his finger and thumb, he will not be able to get, for example, a pea or raisin into his mouth.

OT, Aitch, you need to put [quote ] before your text and [/ quote ] after. I forgot to say it before and can't remember where it was.
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