How many eggs per week? ditto fruit

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How many eggs per week? ditto fruit

Postby Lorbeer » 22 Sep 2007, 12:44

hi all,
my LO loves a 2-egg omelette. I make it with spinach or peas in so he has some veg with it. My thought is: how many eggs should a one year old be having per week maximum? If he has 2 omelettes a week and some egg in other things it would total up to 5, which seems a lot for a wee one. Any advice?

Also: more or less the same question re: fruit. As almost all veg is rejected unless in an omelette, I am very keen on offering fruit. LO will eat all sorts and lots of it but is there a limit on fruit because it may cause diarrhoea? i.e. is one nectarine, 5 grapes, one dried apricot, two prunes and half a pear per day too much?

We have been having some runny nappies of late...

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Postby TinkerbellesMum » 22 Sep 2007, 17:47

I used to be terrible with the eggs and we had it all the time (omelette, egg bread, pancakes) always well cooked though!

I'm confused with the guidlines tbh. They used to say that you could only have so many a week, then it was how good they are for you. I don't know if there is a set amount anymore or what it is.

As far as allergies go, as long as you don't have any problems within your families then I wouldn't worry about it.

The other egg issue is selmonella, in the UK our eggs are "Lion" marked, which means the hen was vaccinated against it so the eggs are selmonella free too. In the US they aren't, which is why Americans are so funny over pregnant women and babies having eggs. I don't know about elsewhere.
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Postby AB&M » 22 Sep 2007, 19:04

I have no idea really but it looks like his 5 a day is coming totally from fruit which I would personally think is too much and could be causing the nappies but I don't have any backing for that opinion or anything.

Bruno is half your LO's age but I offer 2 lots of fruit a day, sometimes 3. I offer about 1/3 or 1/4 of the whole fruit unless of course its pineapple or something and then its just a few chunks.
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Postby TinkerbellesMum » 22 Sep 2007, 19:45

You didn't say if you breastfeed, but regardless babies are still built the same way. Breastmilk is VERY sweet so the idea of starting with veg because of giving them a sweet tooth is rather redundant as babies are born with a sweet tooth.

I try to balance nappies with grapes/ oranges and bananas. If she is getting too runny I cut back on grapes and oranges and up the bananas, if she is having problems passing then I cut back on bananas and up the grapes and oranges.
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Postby Marie77 » 23 Sep 2007, 09:49

We have to wait how it goes with DS2 but with DS1 we pretty much give him what he likes.

I noticed he stops eating something on his own accord when he had enough and we don't force or deny him anything - within reason obviously.

Thinking back he had about 3 or 4 eggs a week at about one and as much fruit as he wanted.

The runny nappies could be connected with teething maybe?
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