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Postby TravellingMum » 07 Feb 2011, 14:04

Just need to let of steam... (but quietly)

Little panda has been sleeping so much better the last few nights. She has been settler quicker and I could actually see an end to the sleepless nights!
Oh and then tonight comes, and for the 5th night running we have a thousand fireworks going off. Somehow tonights seem even louder than before. It really is crazy. It isn't 5th November type fireworks, I am talking the whole night, huge ones, and everyone and their mother having them!

I reckon that is making her nervous, that she isn't settling. Either that or it is just a bad night.

DH is currently trying to settle her. Bless him, he is always a little scared to do that as in the past she has ended up crying more. She just became so used to me settling and putting her to bed.

I now am waiting with scared anticipation for the rest of the night.

Maybe I should get some music for her to fall to sleep to...

(oh and now I hear the neighbours upstairs fighting, quite literally screaming at each other...It's going to be a fun fun night...)
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