BLW Dads, what do you think of this?

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BLW Dads, what do you think of this?

Postby Aitch » 30 Jan 2011, 13:02

Interesting comment on the main site, saying that using the phrase 'look and learn, ladies' is patronising and sexist. i have responded, naturellement, but it's a good question. ... mment-1600

i guess i am of the opinion that i shouldn't have to second guess myself on everything i write, checking for inclusive language etc because, well, it's not like local govt is funding me. i'm just writing what pops into my mind, especially if it makes me smile.

i tend to assume that the men who might post here are not going to be put off by a throwaway girlie line (actually if i'm forced to think about it, i could live without the type of men who would be, so it may not be a bad gatekeeper) but am i just extrapolating too much from the people i know?

so yes, blw dads... what do you think? and women who are co-parenting (i mean, how that word makes me shudder, nothing funny was ever said about co-parenting) with blw dads, what do you think too? is it patronising and sexist to say 'look and learn, ladies'..? or at least, is it any more sexist to say it to the men than it is to the ladies? who are, after all, WOMEN, really? :D
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