Travelling Tips

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Travelling Tips

Postby MC » 13 Sep 2007, 11:25

We are going to Italy in a few weeks (can't wait!!) and was just wondering if anyone has any tips for travelling and blw. I am expecting it to be reasonably hassle free, just thought those more experienced than me might have some wise words to share! Only thing I am a little concerned about is that J still can't sit on his own unaided for very long before he topples over so needs to be in a high backed highchair, so may be a few meals eaten with him on our laps.
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Postby Bigpud » 13 Sep 2007, 13:14

Hi MC. Are you taking a buggy? In places with filthy high chairs or broken unsafe high chairs we tend to put Pudding on a towel or muslin to protect the buggy and use a 'full nuclear' long sleeved bib.

Someone suggested a Happisitt which folds flat; great if you're in a car. They're expensive though. Lots on ebay, but with postage you may as well buy new as they get a high price which is great if you want to re-sell.

I also tend to order things I can stab at one handed with a fork if she's sitting on my lap.
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Postby Carey » 13 Sep 2007, 15:34

We've just got back from a week in Spain with our 7.5 month old daughter. BLW made feeding her a breeze. I'd bought one of those cloth seats that you can wrap around any standard dining chair (about GBP 14 I think) in advance and the villa company provided a high chair for at home. She generally ate what we ate, although I wasn't brave enough to give her chewy calamari!
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Postby AB&M » 16 Sep 2007, 15:49


I was expecting one of those cloth seats in the post in time for our holiday (just returned and it still hasn't arrived!). We managed to find highchairs in every place we ate at (all child friendly pubs so kind of obvious). Most were too big for Bruno so we had to either hold him or prop him up with jumpers etc.

I'd recommend having some rice cakes or something snacky to carry around with you if you have to eat on the hoof just so they can be included each time.
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Postby Aitch » 16 Sep 2007, 16:46

here's some stuff off the blog. ... 73809.html
hope that helps a bit.
any foreign travel tips most welcome, we seem a bit short on them.
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