young mums?

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Re: young mums?

Postby thebean » 20 Feb 2010, 15:35

Well i was 26 when i had H and i am always the youngest at the mother and baby groups the average age for a first time mum is 35 here. When my mum had my brother she was 27 and was classed as an old Mum funny how things change. I mostly feel like a young mum but yesterday when i walked past a group of teenagers who laughed as i passed them i felt positively geriatric!!
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Re: young mums?

Postby katyasmom » 20 Feb 2010, 17:48

RM- I go from feeling old to young all the time, too. I was 22 (just turned - her Bday is about 2 weeks after mine!) when I had K, and 23 when I had A. I feel old compared to my friends and young compared to the rest of the world. Talk about having no place to 'fit in'! None of my friends have children, and really have no idea how it changes your life. Everyone else is surprised I don't go out and party {but that has never been 'me' so it's not like I would be even if I didn't have K and A!}.

Of course - I don't know how accurate it is to say young parents wean early, etc - as it seems to me that that is the genera trend among the entire population (or at least anyone I've ever met...). I am actually waiting for the Q's to start about when I am weaning A (who at 4 mo is nowhere near ready!).
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Re: young mums?

Postby TwinklinGDecorations » 20 Feb 2010, 18:27

It is really weird here, I am pretty average in age with the girls I met at both ante and post natal groups but aside from 1 girl who was 18 when she had her twins (exactly a week before her 19th birthday) we all fell in the 27-33 bracket. I was 29.5 when I had the Monster, which at the time was the average age of women having babies in the UK, and 30 when I had the Pickle.

Age really is a state of mind, I don't feel 32 at all yet don't think of myself as old or young although I tend to feel young (or is that inexperience/not knowing what I am doing?), it's only the wrinkles that give me away!

TF, it's a great birthday to have, must get party booking!
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Re: young mums?

Postby Pecarino » 20 Feb 2010, 18:34

How awful of your HV to say that!

One of my friends got sick of everyone commenting she was "sooooo young to be having children" (she was 26 at the time). The way she put it, if she had said "well, I think you're a little old to be having sprogs", she'd have been properly frowned upon, so why was it ok to say she was too young?! Double standards... Ultimately there's no right or wrong age - just the right age for you.

PS Having said that I am definitely too old for this no sleep lark: 37 this year and at the moment I feel about 67, my bones are creaking! :scream
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Re: young mums?

Postby Rosie_t_Riveter » 20 Feb 2010, 19:01

My mum was 28 when she had me and it freaked me out a bit when I hit that age. Not because I was particularly thinking about having kids, but it sort of got me thinking... I had TheWriggler when I was 31 and I think that's pretty average. Certainly if my NCT class is anything to go by (which it probably isn't...) it's the age to have kids!

In my experience HVs like to make sweeping generalisations about groups of people. Maybe young mums are likely to "wean early, rarely breastfeed" if they get crap advice from HVs 'cos that's what they're expected to do?

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Re: young mums?

Postby katyasmom » 20 Feb 2010, 19:06

Becarina - I feel about a hundred, too. :? It seems I haven't fully recovered from SPD in my hips and if I lay in one position too long it HURTS. Co-sleeping is just that much more fun this time 'round. :)
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Re: young mums?

Postby Louisianablue2000 » 20 Feb 2010, 19:31

See DD1's first few meals here: ... 629434614/
See DD2's weaning video here: ... 826217940/

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Re: young mums?

Postby Noir » 20 Feb 2010, 20:45

I'm 23. I was 20 when I had Olivia- nearly 21. My first was meant to be born on my 20th birthday (I remember thinking if I went into early labour I was just going to cross my legs so I didn't become a teenage mum statistic!). Sometimes I feel awfully young, but I wouldn't have wanted to wait much longer, especially after having a m/c I just needed to be a mother even more after that. I'm pretty much the youngest person in any of my groups of friends with children, though I hear of people who I went to school with that are starting to have children now. I think I was probably the first in my year actually, and I don't think anyone would have expected that.

I haven't had too many negative comments on it. I get the occasional look from mainly old ladies when I'm pushing Olivia around (oddly it happened more when I was pregnant than now I have Annabel, but maybe that's because Annabel is always slung which I think endears you towards people oddly!), when I am having a day when I cant be bothered to wear make-up and have my hair platted in pigtails because I haven't had time to wash it and that's the only way I can wear it that it doesn't look atrocious.

I couldn't belive when I first met the midwife when I was pregnant with Olivia she asked if I was planning on bottle-feeding. I said no I would breastfeed and she looked really taken aback and exclaimed "ooh, I've never had one as young as you want to breastfeed before". It just seemed like a really odd coment to me. Like your HV's comment it wasn't an insult or anything, just an offhand comment that really shouldn't have been made as it could've made me rather self-concious about it if I wasn't a ridiculously self assured person :oops: . I think my HV's loved the fact that I boosted their breastfeeding statistcs without them having any input- plus I used terries and then BLW- and managed to raise a child who signed really well, then had great vocabulary, plus loved books and reading, and has manners! Of course then I had Annabel, had a ridiculously hard time breastfeeding her and ended up with PND when suddenly they all seemed to stop liking me, or being around at all. But again, that's a whole other story!
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Re: young mums?

Postby adelahorn36 » 19 Apr 2016, 19:37

Teenage pregnancy is defined as an unintended pregnancy during adolescence. Teen pregnancy can be a problem. And to learn various facts, reasons and consequences, read the article:
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Re: young mums?

Postby mummybear » 20 Apr 2016, 12:55

I am an oldie, but I love this thread :D Oldies do get quite a few comments from HV's etc. too and it makes me wonder - given the press tells us fertility declines at 30-35 - if there are only young and older mums for the kind of folk who make comments. Sort of damned if you do damned if you don't :wink:

Should I start an older mums thread and see who thinks they are in the older category, just for fun ??
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Re: young mums?

Postby junglewonderland » 20 Apr 2016, 13:44

Haha, I think we will all join the older mums thread. As someone said before, the sleep deprivation makes me feel ancient!

The good thing about spammers is they do send us on a trip down memory lane......
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Re: young mums?

Postby Kitcameron » 23 Apr 2016, 07:51

So if a teenage pregnancy is unintended are you a 'young mum' if you intended to get pregnant as a teen.
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