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Balance bike recommendations?

PostPosted: 29 Jul 2015, 16:29
by LucyLastic
Anyone able to recommend a balance bike? Or an actual bike? C is 3 and properly running now, no longer doing that 'toddler' run thing - do you know what I mean? So I take that as a sign of better balance and also, she has outgrown the little sit-on bike she's had since she was one and a half. So, I need to get her something else to play on outside. The house is pretty much surrounded by gravel drive, and a lawn, but there is quite a lot of space, so I'm keen to get her something to tire her out, I mean, enable her to make good use of the outdoor space, but I think a bike on gravel is a big ask for a beginner. So would a balance bike be easier to manoeuvre? Thanks, people.

Re: Balance bike recommendations?

PostPosted: 29 Jul 2015, 18:23
by Lily
Iz has a LikeaBike Jumper which is great. It's very light, which makes it easier for him to use, as well as for me to carry when he's tired.

I think gravel might be a challenge, though. Izbiz still asks me to carry the bike down our gravel drive to the pavement, even now he's very confident on most other surfaces. The bike just sinks in too much so it's hard to propel forwards fast enough, and pushing it is hard work.

Re: Balance bike recommendations?

PostPosted: 29 Jul 2015, 20:24
by qbm
I'm not sure about gravel either...

DD1 has a B-Twin from Decathlon - I got it after doing a search for recommendations on here.

Re: Balance bike recommendations?

PostPosted: 29 Jul 2015, 21:16
by emzit
If you want to go down the balance bike route I highly, highly recommend Cruzee. They are the lightest balance bike around, less than 2kg, which makes them easier for the kids to manoeuvre and therefore they're more likely to enjoy it and want to ride.

If you want to get a bike, I would get one small enough that C can easily reach the ground, take the pedals off and use that as a balance bike. Can't recommend one in particular though - muncher has an Early Rider Belter but it's a touch big for him as a pedal bike at nearly 4 so C would be too little.

I've found the two wheeling tots website really useful for reviews and info on bike geometry.

Edited because I forgot to say, get the lightest bike you can afford. If it's too heavy she won't be able to manoeuvre it easily and won't want to ride.