Advice for a friend please

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Advice for a friend please

Postby Kanga » 15 Jan 2015, 11:40

A friend of mine has just posted this on Facebook & I said I'd ask for advice as I haven't looked into toddler carriers. I said to her a woven wrap would last the age range but didn't know if you could get one that cheap. Also would starting to wrap with a 14 month old be difficult?

Eta her question :oops: blaming sleep deprived brain!!

I have a 14 month old who is going through quite an attachment phase and I miss having two hands available. Am thinking about becoming a delayed baby wearer - anybody know of any good slings or wraps that aren't too expensive (less than £40) that will last until N is 3 or 4?
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Re: Advice for a friend please

Postby Toasty Crumpet » 15 Jan 2015, 13:23

A second hand ergo or manduca? I rarely use my wrap because I find it so much more faffy than the manduca.
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Re: Advice for a friend please

Postby Marrow » 15 Jan 2015, 14:13

She could get a woven wrap for that sort of money, or not a lot more. Lenny Lamb, for example. Or something pre-loved, if she's not fussy about what it looks like.

Or a pre-loved mei tai or SSC. But she might find getting something to last a long time problematic - the baby will be too big for a baby carrier within a year or so, but not quite big enough for a toddler carrier yet. OTOH, particularly if she buys second hand, they keep their value, so she can trade up.

Don't suppose she wants my Manduca for £60?
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