Moby after a c-section

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Moby after a c-section

Postby pirate_han » 24 Sep 2014, 13:15

Thank you mamapup for the beautiful Moby :)

I just wanted to check with those more experienced - I'm having an elective section with this baby, is it OK to wear it as soon as I'm comfortable to afterwards? I know it won't be on my scar but I just wanted to check there wasn't guidelines suggesting X number of weeks etc. Thanks.
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Re: Moby after a c-section

Postby SharkiesMum » 24 Sep 2014, 14:50

I don't think there are any guidelines, as long as you are comfortable. I carried T in a stretchy after 5 days, but couldn't manage a long walk... But I think that's not aabiut the stretchy, just about walking after surgery! You have to carry the baby anyway and I think in a stretchy is better than in your arms! But just be careful not to overdo it.
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Re: Moby after a c-section

Postby Turtle'sMammy » 24 Sep 2014, 15:13

I don't think there are any guidelines. I had A in hers within a week or so. It was a godsend, because there was no way I could heft a car seat around. Or lump a stroller in and out of the car. (You can drive over here as soon as you feel able).
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Re: Moby after a c-section

Postby FestiveTidings » 24 Sep 2014, 15:33

I carried at 3 weeks with the wee one. The Moby was great as it didn't go anywhere near my scar.

I didn't go far but it was fine.
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Re: Moby after a c-section

Postby Stormwind » 24 Sep 2014, 17:59

I've had a moby and a cs, but not at the same time... I loved the moby - it was much easier to carry in a wrap as opposed to using arms. The moby was soft - I can't imagine it irritating a scar - even if it's near enough to go over it, I imagine it woukd be supportive rather than irritating.
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