Quick temp tips!

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Quick temp tips!

Postby Nix » 30 Apr 2015, 21:15

We are camping tomorrow in the lakes and I just checked the weather - it's going to be 2 degrees overnight! The kids are going to be in warm clothing, lots of layers, possibly even hats? And then they have their ready beds with extra duvet. Will that be enough? Pippa will be with me in my ready bed plus duvet. We don't have electric hook up. I might be able to take some hot water bottles if I can find them. Any other tips? Has anyone ever camped in weather that cold before? Thanks-N x
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Re: Quick temp tips!

Postby Cofa's Tree » 01 May 2015, 05:32

No real tips but have a fab time! We camped in April in Scotland about five years ago and it was freezing at night and very very damp - we could literally ring water out of our sleeping bag and blankets the next morning. So have lots of changes of clothes if you are staying a couple of nights in case it's damp again and you can't dry things out for the next night. If I remember correctly, I had thick socks, pjs, jumper, fleece and hat on, plus sleeping bag, extra duvet and blanket...and it was still cold! But that was almost a month earlier in the year, so yes, lots of layers and have fun!

Can't wait till we get back into the tent at the end of the month!
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Re: Quick temp tips!

Postby FestiveTidings » 01 May 2015, 08:52

You should be ok packing that. Hats are important if it's really cold. Best thing is to share a bed, body heat will keep you warm so be prepared to bring the kids in with you and Mr Nix should it get really cold (sandwich them between you). Also a blanket under the readybeds will stop the cold ground from cooling the air in the ready bed.

Have fun!
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