BLW and camping

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BLW and camping

Postby CarmenR » 26 Apr 2015, 09:33

We are off to France for 5 days soon with our 10 month old and a group of friends. He is doing brilliantly with BLW (I think), but I'm not sure what to feed him when we are away!
He usually has porridge sticks and fruit for breakfast. Lunch and dinner vary, often steamed veg, some casserole or soup, maybe toast, or I batch cook tuna fritters and other type stuff. Yoghurt and rice cakes also are favourites.
My worry is we won't have a freezer, microwave and only a very small fridge.

Any suggestions appreciated! My husband does most of the cooking when we camp and he loves chilli and spice, And often adds salt, so just eating our food isn't always a suitable option. Plus we will be eating dinner after he goes to bed anyway.

I'm sure it will be fine, but I just want to be prepared. Thanks!
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Re: BLW and camping

Postby lizandimo » 27 Apr 2015, 02:57

We did a 7 day camping trip with DD when she was 10 months - it's fun! She wasn't eating masses then, but I know we did rice cakes for sure and we were able to top up with fresh stuff (fruit and cheese were favourites then!) every couple days and keep them in a cooler. Will you be able to get food during the trip or do you have to take everything with you? If you can make some veg/cheese type muffins they will probably keep for a couple days without needing to be in a fridge.

I think we maybe ended up giving less food than normal and DD just upped the amount of breastfeeds she was having (sadly these were mainly during the night because she was too distracted during the day!) - is your son having breastmilk/formula much? Increasing that might make up for if he has a bit less food during the trip.

Not sure I've been very helpful, but hope you have fun! Don't worry too much, I was a bit stressed before we went but it was easier than I thought :)
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Re: BLW and camping

Postby Treeb » 28 Apr 2015, 18:14

We made these for a camping trip when L was pretty small and they were great for both breakfasts and snacks:
They're called "cookies" but have no added sweeteners and are basically just oats and banana with some add-ins. I find them similar to a dense chewy banana bread. The recipe calls for almond milk but you can use whatever milk you prefer, and they should keep just fine out of the fridge.

We also used freeze-dried fruit a lot with L when traveling, although most fresh fruit keeps well out of the fridge for a few days anyway.

Crackers or bread with peanut butter could work well too.
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Re: BLW and camping

Postby CarmenR » 28 Apr 2015, 21:33

Thank you both for the advice! I think that lots of fresh fruit/veg is the way to go, thankfully he loves plenty of fruit. Yoghurt is also a favourite, which I'm sure we will be able to get easily.
I was going to make some muffins,but the oat cookies might be even better!
Thanks again. I'm sure we will have a great time!
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