How clean is your tent?

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How clean is your tent?

Postby issi » 22 Jun 2012, 20:03

We packed up our tent in the wind and rain this morning. I think it'll need a bit of TLC over the weekend. How do you care for yours? Do you polish each tent peg or chuck it in the shed and hope for the best (dh would so do the latter if it weren't for me!)
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Re: How clean is your tent?

Postby Morlyte » 22 Jun 2012, 20:15

We make sure ours is dry, we;ve been lucky with the weather at the time of taking it down but Im not sure what we would do if it wasnt dry and we had to dry it at home. Its massive and doesnt even fit in our garden!

Dp usually goes around with a dustpan and brush and brushes the outside to get off any little bugs and such.

We do not polish anything though. :D
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Re: How clean is your tent?

Postby Seriously_Nutty » 22 Jun 2012, 20:21

We always made sure it was dry and dh brushed the mud off the groundsheet.

Dh leant our tent to a friend and we haven't seen it since, not that we would all fit in it now but argh anyway
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Re: How clean is your tent?

Postby MumtoMonsters » 22 Jun 2012, 21:13

Spotless, thank you very much!

Of course, it's not been used much as the weather has been against us ever since we bought the damn thing. We've dried it off with a towel before packing it away when it's been wet. I sweep it out with a dustpan and brush. We have a separate footprint so the (attached) groundsheet doesn't get filthy.

We do not polish pegs. Can't find them. Need to buy new ones!
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Re: How clean is your tent?

Postby camper » 22 Jun 2012, 21:41

We take a dustpan and brush and brush down the inside and outside before we put it away - also handy for making sure we don't take any massive huntsman spiders back with us. If it's damp or wet when we put it away we'll hang it on the line to dry when we get back. If it's raining when we pack it away, we wait until it's on the line before brushing it down. We knock the worst of the mud off the pegs or scrape it off with another peg. When camping on really sticky clay-type soil in the UK (think Glasto) we have rinsed the pegs before putting them away, but definitely no polishing (although DH is so fussy he probably would!)
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