Sleeping bags

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Sleeping bags

Postby RachelS » 11 May 2012, 17:14

Oh wise ones, can you recommend me a sleeping bag? Do I go for mummy shape or traditional, what season eating do I need to be warm enough? How much should I look to pay Etc etc.
I need 2 adult bags and the something for the boys. Thank you in advance.
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Re: Sleeping bags

Postby madcatmummy » 11 May 2012, 21:30

Adult bags I would go for a 4 season weight unless you're planning on camping in serious cold. If you're wanting to use them abroad when you might want something lighter. We both have mummy style bags, they're not as easy to zip together but you can if you get them with zips on opposite sides. Can't remember what brands they are. If you want lightweight and packable into a small space you'll be looking at over £100 per bag but I don't think I spent that on my bag -it was a while ago I bought it!

I just bought AD a bag for £25 it should do her till she's about 10, it's a snugpac.

Best advice would be head to an outdoor shop, they should be able top give you some good advice . And have fun!
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