Birthday party food advice...

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Birthday party food advice...

Postby t&n's mummy » 16 Nov 2014, 17:15

It is t's party next weekend, we decided to do it now rather than try to fit it in around Xmas... Anyway, it's at the adventure playground so children will be outside for most of it, there will be quite a few children from school plus younger siblings, start at 3... I am a bit stuck on what to do for food?? Was thinking of going down the snacks rather than a tea route, but then what actually would that be?? Any advice?
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Re: Birthday party good advice...

Postby Mummyto1 » 16 Nov 2014, 17:26

We usually do breadsticks, hummus, carrot and cucumber sticks, fresh fruit (easy things like grapes, cut up apple, strawberries etc) cold chipolata sausages, finger sandwiches, boxes of raisins, then the party child gets to choose a few treat things to buy like hula hoops of chocolate fingers. I hate parties where there's loads of junk but equally don't want to be a total scrooge and that selection usually means all the children eat. If we're at home we add homemade pizza, fruit kebabs, yogurts. There's always cake too but usually they've eaten so much we just send the cake home with party bags.
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