Neverland party games brainstorm

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Neverland party games brainstorm

Postby cloudcuckoo » 29 Sep 2014, 11:17

Can I pick the collective forum brain for games for DD1's 7th birthday party this weekend? She is really into Tinkerbell atm, so we are going along the lines of Neverland. She has a new costume (and so do DH and I, Captain Hook and Peter Pan respectively!), who knows what DD2 will dress up as. Anyway, we have a hall hired, 20 kids coming, IL's coming to help, but I need games...

So far:
Musical statues (obviously)
Simon says type game with pirate actions (climb the rigging, etc)
A treasure hunt map

That's not going to fill an hour! Help!
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Re: Neverland party games brainstorm

Postby StJuniper » 29 Sep 2014, 11:23

I had a pirate party and did an obstacle course with things like walk the plank, fight your enemy (water pistol shooting the other team's runner), drink your grog (root beer), but I don't know how appropriate some of those things are for kids!
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Re: Neverland party games brainstorm

Postby Rahgamuffin » 29 Sep 2014, 11:26

Instead of a map, can you do treasure hunt clues? So you give them one clue, they decipher it and it leads to another clue? We've done it a couple of times and kids have loved it.

Pin the patch on the pirate? or Wings on tinkerbell?
Treasure hunt - sweets (or tokens) hidden around the room
Treasure box full of balloons, they always kill ages of time at a party (Or can be cut short if you're running late!)
but those little wooden treasure chests and decorate them?
Get a few planks of wood and make a trail across a plastic 'sea' (walking the plank) - other kids get to be crocodiles/sharks
Throw the rings on the pirate hook (Like hoopla, but with hooks?)
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Re: Neverland party games brainstorm

Postby yorkshirepudding » 29 Sep 2014, 12:45

got to be something with a ticking alarm clock in (although I haven't seen any recent versions of the film so maybe it's not in there!) - can't remember the name of it but used to play a version in schools - 1 child (crocodile) blindfolded in centre of circle holding loud ticking clock, other children take turns to try and retrieve clock, crocodile has to listen to where they are and point accurately at them to get them out (give them 2/3 chances as they are younger). If they get the clock they become the crocodile.

Cross the crocodile swamp - team game. Teams of 5 ish children have to race others to cross the swap using 2/ 3 mats, work out how to get everyone across. Use something that won't slip on the hall floor, we had large foam mats but usually outside on grass (but not too big or it's too easy!).
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