First Christmas? What did you do for...

Oh look, it's broadly a place to talk about special occasions, party tips and to swap present ideas but let's be perfectly honest, this forum is here because I want to get excited about CHRIIIIIISTMAS from about June onwards.

First Christmas? What did you do for...

Postby pookiecub » 16 Sep 2014, 15:12

It will be my little girls first Christmas this year, she will be about 10 months old.

I was wondering what people did for their babies. I want to buy her lots of things, but lots of them are FAR too big for her and I want to save them for a Christmas when she will actually be understanding and excited about getting things (like a play kitchen, art easel, trike etc) but I feel a bit mean saying all we are getting her is the Something Special DVD set and a Mr Tumble doll, a new JellyCat dragon, a few clothes (custom printed, Jurassic Park vest saying Clever Girl!) and a few other bath toy bits.

I'm more excited about her trying special food, watching her get into everything, she loves paper so wrappings are going to be more fun than most presents I think.

I want to get her a nice outfit and get some particular photos, but not sure what else "goes" for first Christmas.
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Re: First Christmas? What did you do for...

Postby DandelionFrosting » 17 Sep 2014, 01:10

We didn't go all out either. He was 8 months and, like you said, far more interested in the paper than the presents. At 2, it's still a struggle to get him to open presents; he opens one and goes off to play with it and won't come back for the others. The first Christmas, we pretty much just gave him things we wanted him to have -- clothes, a few board books . . . Oh, and a bag of oranges. He was of course inundated with toys from his grandparents, too, which we mostly opened for him. He was the most excited about the oranges!
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Re: First Christmas? What did you do for...

Postby junglewonderland » 17 Sep 2014, 04:15

Koala was 10 months old for his first Christmas too. If you think you are mean, you will think I am positively evil- I don't think we got him anything for Christmas and I told our families not to get him anything either. He had plenty of toys and I didn't want his first Christmas to be all about presents (selfishly, that I would have to find a place for). We just enjoyed sharing the day with him and his favourite people. And got some super cute pics in an elf outfit. Last Christmas he was nearly two and it was really fun, we did an advent activity calendar with different Christmas activities each day.
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Re: First Christmas? What did you do for...

Postby GHJingle » 17 Sep 2014, 05:43

A got a new sippy cup and I wrapped up some of her existing toys so that the older cousins didn't think it was weird that she didn't get anything from FC.
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