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Re: LO birthday at Christmas time, wwyd

PostPosted: 14 Aug 2014, 16:12
by worrrrow
We're Christmas Eve here. DD decided to make an appearance 2 weeks early - I was banking on 2 weeks late myself which would have taken us to mid Jan. But hey ho. We've started a tradition that Xmas eve will be a trip to the theatre each year. Family and close friends only. It means that everything must be ready for Xmas and that day is for DD only.
I think this year we might manage a party with schol friends (early Dec?) She is old enough to understand it now. When she was little we just had family over for cake and presents but she has requested a party this time! I don't see why she should miss out.
We have always asked for vouchers or cash for birthday or xmas - either or. There's always plenty of stuff to unwrap. So far it's worked out well. We buy stuff in the summer with her cash and vouchers.
I'm sure things will be different as she gets older but we'll just go with the flow.

Re: LO birthday at Christmas time, wwyd

PostPosted: 14 Aug 2014, 19:54
by Treeb
sabrina fair wrote:I'd just do the party a bit early I think - that way people are out of the way by Christmas. I think you can justify that as saying you want to separate the celebrations from Christmas a bit - but not as much as a half birthday. Just pick the weekend before. If the birthday's on a weekend still go the weekend before. He gets some presents early and the ones from you actually on his birthday.

This is basically what we do for L, and he's not a Christmas birthday! He's early September and it would be a hard time for any of my family to come to a party, so we do it mid-August instead when more people can get together. We have a cake and my family all give him their presents then. On his actual birthday we just do something at home as a family and he gets another cake or treat and presents from me and dh. Obviously once he's a little older we'll have to decide what to do for a friend party, but I see no reason why it can't be a couple weeks before or after the actual date.

My birthday was always the same growing up. I have a July birthday and my party was basically at any random time during the summer that worked out best for everyone to get together, with a smaller family party on the actual day.

Re: LO birthday at Christmas time, wwyd

PostPosted: 14 Aug 2014, 21:13
by mamapup
I'm an Easter birthday so although not quite the same it meant people.often weren't around or would forget or, even worse, think it was ok to.give me Easter eggs as a.present but my family made sure it was a big deal and we learned to work around Easter and the holidays (probably.helps that Easter isn't Xmas, esp to an atheist-Jewish family but annoying still).

I'd go with the flow, while he's little and it's just family I imagine you can get people together. When he's bigger I'd do something before school friends are around.