Help- going on holiday where there is one room

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Help- going on holiday where there is one room

Postby evelynsmummy » 29 Apr 2014, 07:30


I'm looking for any suggestions please, we are going on holiday with DD who is 14months old. The place is a small open plan room,with small bathroom. The complex doesnt have anywhere to go in the evening except for walking so we will need to be entertaining ourselves in the same room as her each night. (unless its dry and warm and we can sit outside,but its England,so hence preparing for the worst)

DD loves her sleep,she sleeps from 7pm-9am. We are very happy with her sleep routine & don't want to disrupt it.
Me and DH are concerned about waking DD if we watch a film, talk etc, also in the morning we are usually up & ready so when she wakes at 9am we can get going once she's sorted. But can't see how I am going to be able to do this without disturbing her, or even boil the kettle?! But if we wait til she's up for us to also get ready we won't get anywhere til the day is half gone.

I have wondered if we could get some baby earplugs?! Or whether to not even go!
Has anyone got any ideas? Or has anyone else had to share a whole room,how did it go?
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Re: Help- going on holiday where there is one room

Postby issi » 29 Apr 2014, 07:52

Go! It'll be fine. You could take a laptop and earphones if you want to watch a film. In the morning you can get ready as usual and if she wakes a bit early it shouldn't be a big problem. We've stayed all in one room several times and it's been loads of fun!
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Re: Help- going on holiday where there is one room

Postby Binkie » 29 Apr 2014, 07:53

We did this a lot when our DD was young and it was absolutely fine. We were quiet for about 30 mins and after that just carried on as normal. Everything was prepped the night before so quick to get ready in the morning.
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Re: Help- going on holiday where there is one room

Postby Mummyto1 » 29 Apr 2014, 07:56

We are between house sale and purchase at the moment and currently staying in a studio flat with a six year old, three year old and 13 month old. My kids sleep nowhere near as well as yours but we are managing fine! Bedtime takes a bit longer (have to persuade the older two to stay quiet while I settle the baby) but after he's asleep I can do their stories and put them to bed without disturbing him. And once the older two are asleep my DH and I are able to eat (if we are pre-prepared!) and talk quietly. We watch tv with low sound with subtitles. You'd be surprised! It's totally doable and you should definitely go!
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Re: Help- going on holiday where there is one room

Postby StJuniper » 29 Apr 2014, 09:57

Just to present the flip side: this past Christmas DH and I shared an open concept hotel room with P and he didn't fall asleep for hours even though the room was all dark, we were on the other side of the room watching a movie on the laptop super quietly but he would not stop trying to talk to us. He's always had trouble falling asleep with me in the room, though.
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Re: Help- going on holiday where there is one room

Postby Daddy'sgirl » 29 Apr 2014, 10:09

When we've done this with DD we've sometimes left the room while she goes to sleep, or else pretended to go to sleep ourselves. And yes, we have sat in hotel bathrooms for half an hour (one on the loo, one on the edge of the bath) waiting for her to sleep. Once she was asleep we could watch TV quietly and chat. I would go too but expect some inconveniences!
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Re: Help- going on holiday where there is one room

Postby WishingBone » 29 Apr 2014, 20:23

It would make me think twice, tbh. The routine will snap back fine once you're home, so I wouldn't worry about destroying her glorious sleep patterns. But for me, the only relaxing bit of a holiday with small kids is being able to have some 'you' time as a couple once they're asleep - drink, talk, laugh, dtd, whatever. And a whole holiday of tiptoeing around watching films with headphones in the dark doesn't really cut it. It's fine for a couple of nights if needs must, eg going to a wedding, a couple of nights to meet friends etc, but I wouldn't choose it as a holiday - I'd rather stay home and do day trips.
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